All You Need To Know About Online Essay Writing

Essay writing is a form of art that comes in many shapes and sizes, your college career will be filled with essays, as you will be expected to write essays of varying lengths and types for different courses. Hence essay writing is a very important skill to acquire, especially if you plan on becoming an academician. Essay writing is a lost skill, in the world of social media and shorthand messages, we have lost the ability to analyze and elaborate on our own thoughts.

The main components in any essay are the analysis and the expression. If you have a good grasp of the concepts you will have no trouble in writing it out. However, in order to be able to have good expression, you will need to have good vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. For you to develop all three of those things, all you have to do is read widely and frequently. When you are reading so many words a day, you will have no problem in meeting any word count set forth by your teacher, you will even form your own unique expression which will help you in explaining concepts and analyzing facts the way you want while making the essay a good read. Essay writing hence teaches many things, it teaches you to write clearly and precisely what you understood, while allowing you to give reasons to your understanding and supporting all your claims with facts.

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How Essay Writing Service is Helpful

Online Essay writing services offer a wide variety of options to ensure that you don’t have to hustle somewhere else to get your work done. Whether you need a detailed proofread or your research all written up and ready to go, we have every solution for you. We believe in giving you a wholesome service that includes all types of writing. Students today, struggle with time, there is just too much to do and too little time in a day for everything. Along with working multiple jobs, and keeping up with life, many students forget to take care of themselves; their physical and mental health is often ignored. Some students are so caught up with their lives that all they can do is attend classes, but doing college essays and assignments becomes too difficult for them.

In order to encourage students to take care of themselves, and allow them more time to do the things they enjoy, we provide our services with the utmost integrity. There is no such thing as too small an assignment. No matter what kind of work you give us, we will make sure that it is done to perfection. We can offer you great quality and on-time work because we have the best writers in town. All our writers are experts in their subject and field, and they will ensure that everything they do is done according to your instructions and up to the standards. When writing assignments and essays, they know what teachers are looking for in a particular field, the degree of analysis required and the correct terminology to use. We even train all our writers in citation and different formatting styles in writing, teaching them to look at every single element of academic writing. Our writers work hard, and remain dedicated to their clients, making sure that you always get everything the way you like it.

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How We Provide Cheap Essay Writing Service

Due to the availability of many essay writing services, and the nature of a student’s income most essay writing services are very economical. They tend to charge less per page by making packages of their services. So while these services may charge around $8 – $12 for one page, you can use their sales promotions and packages to bring the cost incurred per page to $9- $10.

Essay writing services charge differently for different services, academic writing is one of the most highly demanded services, so they charge more for it. Services other than academic writing, like custom writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting, are all much cheaper per page. Those services that cost less, do not require as much effort from the writers, and those services which cost more are generally more laborious. For example, if you ask an essay writing service to write you a research paper or dissertation, they will do all the research and planning, and then will write the paper, cite it and format it. On the other hand, if you ask them to rewrite the paper, the research work is already done, one version is ready, and so all they have to do is improve on that work. Hence, the latter is often cheaper than the former example. Other factors that can affect the price of an essay writing service also include time to submission, the shorter the amount of time you give the writer, the more they will charge for it.

The good thing about the price range is that due to the many services offered online, you can always find on that suits you and your pocket best. Sometimes it so happens that even the best writers, out there cannot do justice to your view of the paper, hence spending more money on more expensive services, is not always the answer. You should, however, always look for reviews and samples before you decide which essay writing service you would rather use. It may also be that the more expensive essay writing services do not offer as many subjects. So while the cost of such services is important, you should also look for features that may add value and other factors such as subjects offered.

Types of Essay Writing

An argumentative essay, is an essay that gives both sides of an argument to give their reader a better understanding of the entire situation. It requires a more holistic approach to studying the topic, and even allows the student to explore both sides of the argument. In argumentative essays, referencing and citation are the most important things. As the validity of any argument can be assessed by the sources that support it.

A process essay is an essay that one has to write with the aim of explaining and detailing the process of anything. Many people working on theories and trying to understand the phenomenon might write a lot of process essays. Again, this kind of essay is required to assess the students own understanding of the process and to see how well they can explain it to others. Sometimes teachers may assign a process essay, to see if the student can recognize different processes for himself.

A critical essay, is used to assess the student’s comprehension skills and their attention to detail. In a critical essay, the writer must take a piece of writing or a literary piece and evaluate it. It requires a writer to explain to the readers, what the readers think the most redeeming qualities of the piece and how they could have improved on it. Critical essays, force students to think critically about the piece of work being done in class

The persuasive essay is often confused with an argumentative essay, but the difference between the two, if you know cannot be starker. Where an argumentative essay explains both sides of the argument and gives the reader space to be able to let them figure out their own opinion; on the other hand, a persuasive essay will only give you one side of the argument and try to convince you, not inform you. Hence the information you may receive from a persuasive essay should always be open to evaluation.

Expository essays are amongst the trickiest essays since it requires exposing an issue or an occurrence for the reader. This means a lot of research and a lot of explanation of what is being sourced. The expository essay will allow readers to reveal different aspects of an event or occurrence.

Like the name says a descriptive essay requires that the writer describes in great detail. This includes explaining how something felt, tasted, smelled and witnessed. A descriptive essay is usually a form of creative writing and will aim to describe an event or happening to the reader, helping them see or feel what the writer is feeling. Many descriptive essays are about the physical experiences that one may have had.

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If an essay writing service does not guarantee no-plagiarism, then don’t waste your money and time on it. Essays and academic papers are supposed to have very little plagiarism. An essay writing service that can guarantee that the work they provide will be plagiarism-free, is the only one doing its job right.

2. Money back guarantee

The money-back guarantee feature of an essay writing service, shows how dedicated it is to ensure that its customers are always satisfied. Money-back guarantees are not only the best way to spot the best essay writing service available, but also a good way to ensure that you will always get quality in the service you use.

3. Privacy guarantee

Your data is absolutely safe, a privacy guarantee allows you to ensure that the essay writing service you have chosen for yourself follows the internet security protocols and will protect your data.

4. Unlimited revisions

Another way essay writing services ensure that the work you get is to your satisfaction is by allowing you to make as many changes to the work you had done. Unlimited revisions mean that if you don’t think the essay is up to your standards or is missing an element you consider important, then you can ask the writer to make those changes for you.

5. 3 hour urgent delivery

3-hour urgent delivery is a great option if you have tests all morning and a paper due at noon. We all have days where we could use the help in an essay we forgot to write or an assignment we forgot to do. If you are ever stuck in such a situation get yourself an essay writing service with as little as a 3-hour urgent delivery.

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Our customer support team will help you whenever you need help, whether you would like to place your order, update it or give some feedback, the 24.7 customer support will ensure that you get whatever you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is academic writing different?

Yes, Academic writing is different from other writings since it involves many technicalities, and is mostly done for academic purposes. Essays, journal articles, research papers, theses, dissertations, and reports, are all considered academic writings. Academic writing involves writing based on facts, gathering data and analyzing it.

What do I add to my conclusion?

Your conclusion is supposed to be a nice end of your essay, where you tie all the ends together in a bow. Your conclusion can have a quick recount of all the main points and the findings you made and whether the findings prove or disprove your thesis statement.

How do I write an outline?

There are many ways of writing an outline, and there is no right way. An outline is supposed to help you write your essay, by helping you remember how you structured your essay and all the ideas and points you had. You can draw a mind map or a flow chart, or simply make a list; it is all completely up to you.

How do I avoid plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of copying other people’s work without giving them due credit. The best way to avoid plagiarism to not copy and paste the text as is, you may paraphrase it and change the sentences. You can also avoid plagiarism by properly citing all the sources you have used.

What should I add to my introduction?

Your introduction is the most important part because it will decide whether the reader will continue reading or just leave the essay there. Hence, your introduction should give the reader a taste of what is to come in the essay, and it should also include your thesis statement. Basically, you will tell the reader what they will find out throughout the course of the essay.

What is referencing?

Referencing is a way to give credit to the people who have made the effort to do the research that you are now using as evidence. Referencing also shows that the sources you have used are reliable and relevant, otherwise the research you do will not be as reliable.

How can I reference an essay?

There are many ways to add references to your essay; you can either use an online reference generator, which will use the information about online sources and automatically generate a reference or citation in whatever style you like. Word processing softwares also have the referencing feature, which can generate a bibliography in a second.

How do I make my argument strong?

When writing an argumentative essay, the best way to make your argument strong is by illustrating your points using real-life examples and by adding facts and figures. No one can argue facts, so present them in a way that will strengthen your argument.

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