Why Do We Celebrate Teachers’ Day

Every year we celebrate teacher’s day. Observed all over the world this day is celebrated to commemorate millions of teachers around the globe for their efforts in promoting education.  Teachers’ day is celebrated since 1994 and every year UNESCO announces a theme of the celebration. Last year the theme was “Engaging Teachers” as per UNESCO recommendation. Every country holds a specific status on celebrating the teacher’s day. In many countries, it is celebrated in memory of some pioneers of this field. While in some other countries they honor teachers for their accomplishments.


Why Do We Celebrate Teachers’ Day

Purpose of celebrating Teachers day

The purpose of celebrating teacher’s day is to acknowledge the efforts of teachers around the world in promoting education, meanwhile addressing the issues and enhancing the teaching process. Disregard of the zone and country this is celebrated to acknowledge the importance of education by promoting the efforts of teachers. Following the adoption of this day from 1994 almost every country recognizes this day officially. Marking the efforts and contributions of a famed person some countries honor their respected teachers who have worked distinctively in promoting education. In Argentina, the day is celebrated in recognition and memory of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento who is known to be the “Father of Classroom”. While in India this day is celebrated in honor of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. A renowned educationist and a method teacher he devoted his life in modernizing the teaching methods in India. In Turkey, it is celebrated to honor the great Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who laid down the foundations of a new generation. Education international or The Global Union Federation representing education professionals around the globe, celebrate this day with full honor. More than 100 countries celebrate this day every year marking the efforts and contributions of teachers.

The objective pursued by UNESCO is to encourage young people in the world to want to have teaching as a profession and thus join efforts to create a much more sustainable world. In fact, every year on this date an analysis of the educational situation across the planet is made, a balance of the achievements is made and some points that are fundamental when attracting and conserving the brightest minds are addressed of the education sector.

The efforts made by Education International and its 401 member organizations are highly recognized by the teachers worldwide. They have contributed a lot in making this an international day to recognize the efforts of teachers in making this world a progressive society. Every year EI launches many public awareness campaigns to promote education and the importance of the teaching profession.

Why not everyone wants to be a teacher?

The teaching union is one of the most depressed in the world, almost all teachers in the world are undervalued and earning a salary that barely gives them to live. Others find too many restrictions when it comes to wanting to innovate or pose new challenges to their students. So most prefer to become independent and dedicate their lives to being a private tutor, create a YouTube channel, or simply dedicate themselves to another profession.

This reality is what prevents the new generations of future professionals from genuinely taking an interest in the teaching field and it is what UNESCO seeks to change, together with other organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, the International Labor Organization, and the International education. The education sector is one of the most important for the development, independence, and sustainability of nations and, therefore, the staff working in it, should be one of the best paid, best trained, and most important should be within the programs of each State.

Major Events of Teachers’ Day

Around the world, millions of students pay tribute to their teachers on this day. In honor of their efforts and recognition, they seek to send the message of peace and love to the forefathers of teaching. In schools and universities, students pay tribute to their teachers by presenting gifts in acknowledgment of the efforts they have put in making them a valued member of the society. In many parts of the world teacher’s day is celebrated with an official holiday in schools and educational institutes.

Students usually give gifts which are almost sweet things to eat. In school and universities, the most outstanding and senior teachers address their students in expressing their hearts out about their journey in education. Now that we know a little more about the history attached to teachers’ day, we will give you some ideas to commemorate the day of the teacher and express your gratitude to those people who with dedication, respect, and continuous preparation, have transmitted knowledge to you or your children.

  • Teacher-based movies

If its gifts, giving away a movie based on the teachers’ work can be a very good gift. There is a list of the 60 best films based on teachers and their contributions.

  • Breakfast or special lunch

A good way to express this love is to organize a meal. This type of event is always well appreciated and serves so that parents can learn a little more about the work that teachers do with their children.

  • Thank you card

Greeting cards are always well received, as they are a beautiful and traditional way of expressing feelings. On this day, many children often bring this type of gift to their teachers in order to show their gratitude.

  • Personalized letter

There is nothing more important for a teacher than one of his students expresses his gratitude with a letter. Writing letters, even if it seems like something from the past, is a beautiful detail that will certainly inspire teachers to continue their great work.

  • Crafts

This is a good gift made by our children and that surely the teacher will appreciate since doing handwork demonstrates the dedication that the child puts into each task, dedication that is stimulated by teachers.

  • The recipe made by children

A nice idea and that goes with the tradition in Mexico of giving things to eat to teachers, is that children make a simple dish; It can be a sweet, cupcakes, cookies, among others.

  • A bouquet of flowers

This is a gift that most of the time does not fail and that in this case expresses congratulation and thanks for the great task they exercise. This is an easy-to-get detail and that is always given a lot of value.

These are just some ideas; however, there are endless options when it comes to commemorating someone who has put in so much to build you up.