What is a Thesis Statement? Introduction and Examples

What is a Thesis Statement? Introduction and Examples


The word “thesis” comes from the Greek (thesis) and means “intellectual proposition”. For a high school student, it can refer to the most important part of the essay-argumentative text. This is the point of view that the author needs to support in the writing. That is, it is your critical positioning. Many entrance exams and the National High School Exam itself (ENEM) charge this type of production. A reality phenomenon is used as the basis for the construction of the argument. The idea is to better explain the subject, delve into one side of the problem and perhaps convince the reader to change his thinking on the subject. For this purpose, feasible data are used, such as statistics, news references, and other concrete information. The more well-founded the thesis, the harder it is to overturn it. This is a sign that the person has a high degree of communication skills. The goal of academic work is to solve a scientific problem. Therefore, the researcher consults bibliographical references, collects data in the field and confronts the theoretical perspectives with the material found. In this way, it is possible to consolidate new knowledge on issues still little explored by peers. This effort usually comes from a question, also known as a research problem or thesis statement. The question generates hypotheses – possible explanations, which will be confirmed or refuted later. With this guiding doubt, the scientist conducts a literature review to know everything that has been studied on the subject. The intention is precisely to identify the gaps and understand what remains to be said.

How do you write a 3 point thesis statement?

Instead of asking your friend “what is a thesis statement” you better pay attention to how should you write your own thesis statement. Your thesis can go in many directions, but the most solid thesis is the one that focuses on a specific aspect. A thesis statement does not necessarily predict the organization of an essay that could be more complex than its objective. For a longer essay, you want a thesis statement that is more versatile. Normally, the introduction will have a thesis statement, often a preview statement in case the essay is quite complicated. Writing the true thesis statement may be among the most discouraging details of the essay. Once you are satisfied with the general argument presented in your paper, return to your thesis and see if it reflects what you have argued. Among the first steps, you must follow after being assigned to write a thesis is to write a thesis statement. From time to time, a teacher will not explicitly ask you to write a thesis statement, but it is always implicit, so you should not put it aside. Even when you are not studying literature or journalism, you are likely to write an essay. A great thesis statement is the center of an essay. Writing a great thesis statement implies following the key characteristics of a higher thesis. You may have heard of something known as a thesis. Today you have a work thesis! A superb thesis falls somewhere between both extremes. It cannot be your personal belief as religion or motto.

The term, thesis statement, scares numerous students, but it does not need to be. Preparing a great thesis is only one of the most difficult sections of the writing process, and therefore, does not expect to perfect it in the first attempts. As a writer, you can use the thesis statement to obtain a guide to create a coherent argument. If you first make the statement of your thesis, it will really help you restrict your topic and focus on the ideas you want to convey to your audience in your speech.

If you are writing a research paper, you should not focus on more than three variables, you must keep the statement of your thesis highly accurate and always provide data for each claim you get. The second example condenses critical thoughts and evidence that you will use to convince your reader. Simply put, the thesis should be something about which individuals can reasonably have different opinions. Based on the debates and the knowledge you have, you can now produce a statement that will guide you to compose your thesis.

Thesis statement definition

One of the main qualities of a thesis statement is the fact that it always gives an answer to a particular question and does so in a transparent and succinct manner. Sometimes, in an extensive article, the thesis will be expressed in several sentences or in a complete paragraph. It is worth reiterating that a great thesis statement is specific. Above all, a fantastic thesis statement creates a statement.

Now you know what is a thesis statement, you are all prepared to make your own thesis statement. A thesis statement is not always the previous sentence in the first paragraph! It consists of two different parts of the topic and the analysis or argument. It is an excellent way to summarize your speech concisely. A thesis statement is not very long, usually, no more than 1 sentence, a statement that you want to present after the debut of the topic of your article. It is not necessary to write it first, and in addition, you can always change it. To get a clear picture of how it should look, there are some examples of the thesis statement. It is one of the most important phrases of your work. As a way to create a thesis statement, you will need to correctly understand the research question. You have read a case of an effective argument. You should make your argument as clear and specific as possible. In general, however, it is only a concise sentence. Start with a statement of purpose that will later become a thesis statement. A thesis statement is not a very simple statement of fact that your reader will easily accept. If you can’t find a way to create a statement of a particular purpose, take a look at our lesson on it. The statement of purpose can be expressed in many sentences or even in a full paragraph.

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Sample thesis statement

Do you know what a thesis statement is? In writing any research papers, essays or term documents, you need to produce a statement of a good thesis. This is the main focus of the discussion that you must complete so that the essay will have a direction for the debate. Therefore, we will give you some examples of a thesis statement to help you get started. Why do we need to include a thesis statement? The thesis phrase is the general idea of ​​his article. It will contain a focused point of interest that will allow you to diversify your conversations. On the other hand, the thesis phrase will give readers an idea about what is on paper. While the thesis is structured, then it can also be a tempting part for the role of research to expose its content to the audience.

What is a good thesis phrase? There are many ways to produce a good thesis. The first aspect you need to understand is the affirmation of the paper. You must affirm something to be valid or true. In this way, you can easily create a notion that readers can follow. Second, the thesis phrase should only have a unique concept for writing. They do not include overlapping ideas in the document as it will divert readers’ attention to the reading approach. Therefore, you must choose only one concept in the document. Finally, the thesis statement should be clear and simple. The clarity of what you want to discuss will be reflected in the paper. You should always make sure that you only present a very clear notion to the readers.

After reading the above lines, all of you who are looking for answers to queries like ‘how to write thesis statement’ or ‘write paper for me’ must get a proper answer about your queries.

There are also three parts of writing the thesis statement. The first is the limited concept of writing. This refers to the central topic of interest that should be discussed in the document. The second part is the opinion of the writer. You must provide the statement that you want to address in the document. This opinion will give your role in a certain sense of direction. This is because you must prove that opinion is valid and true. Finally, the phrase must contain a structure for writing. At least it must include a discussion plan. What is the use of using thesis statement examples? There are many uses for sample material. First, you will realize how to write a good thesis phrase. Secondly, you can pattern out your own thesis to the sample. Finally, you will have an idea about what to incorporate in the thesis that you will write.

How to write a good thesis statement?

In fact, almost any writing assignment, regardless of its complexity, can be literally reduced to one question. Fortunately, your thesis statement is no exception here. Well, suppose you were recently assigned to write an informational report for the local school board, clearly explaining all the benefits of using computers in a fourth-grade class. You can easily turn this question into a simpler one. Its initial variant may seem trivial and predictable: “Let’s explore the most impressive results of using personal computers in primary school.” We see, you already got this question for your essay, so it won. It’s not a problem for you to compose a sentence or two to answer this particular question instead of asking your classmates to write a paper for me. Sometimes a student is required to generate a solid thesis statement if there is no topic assigned. In this case, your thesis statement is expected to answer a question you would like to explore.

A perfect thesis statement usually comes with the following attributes:

  • deals with the matter, which can be properly dealt with according to the nature of your task
  • expresses an important idea
  • addresses a subject on which some people might have an alternate point of view
  • confirms its conclusions on the subject

Now, let’s look at how to create a good thesis statement for a social policy document. As follows from any example of a good thesis statement for an essay, you first need to brainstorm your topic. For example, your class is focusing on the problems caused by changes in the eating habits of US citizens. In the meantime, you are very interested in the amount of sugar consumed by Americans.

To get started, just write a short phrase “sugar consumption”. The given sentence cannot be considered as a thesis statement. However, it clearly indicates a general subject. Also, the public doesn’t know what you would like to say about sugar consumption.

The second stage suggests reducing this topic. You have just done thorough research on the subject and now your conclusion states that elementary school children are still consuming more sugar than necessary and this is a real reason to worry. Respectively, you need to rephrase your thesis. “Abrupt daily sugar consumption by elementary students,” for example.

This fragment not only announces its subject matter but also places a strong emphasis on one segment of the population – primary school children. It also raises an important subject that some people may disagree with. Remember that the provided snippet cannot be a ready-made thesis statement. It’s because your audience doesn’t know your conclusions about this particular topic. Then, according to an example of a good thesis statement for an essay, you need to have a position on the subject. After pondering for a while, it is time to decide what you would like to say about this topic and what needs to be done to dramatically reduce the amount of sugar consumed by children in this age group.

You can rewrite your thesis statement like this: “You have to put a huge emphasis on the food and beverage options available to elementary students.” He simply states his unshakable position, but the terms mentioned above seem to be uncertain. With the help of a specific language, you must explain what you really mean by mentioning it.

For example, it may happen: “Some experts suggest that approximately half of the primary school children are accustomed to consuming nine times the recommended daily amount of a vital substance like sugar.” This version is specific enough. However, this is not a true thesis if you compare these things with an example of a thesis statement for an essay. It is because it deals only with a statistic rather than providing a good statement. The best examples of a thesis statement for an essay suggest making a statement built around the stated support. His final thesis could be: “Considering such an obvious fact that half of all American elementary school children are accustomed to consuming nine times the recommended daily intake of sugar, it is expected that all American schools will find healthy alternatives to your current drinks “.

Bonus tips for writing a good Thesis Statement

Be clear and objective

Given its scientific nature, a master’s dissertation is a long text. However, you must always keep in mind one fundamental aspect: we write to be understood. In writing your dissertation, you should aim to be clear, objective and avoid ambiguity.

Clarity is undoubtedly a central quality of effective written communication. Those who read want to understand immediately what they read, want to read effortlessly. Too long sentences, difficult words, and technical terms make it difficult to process the message, so use short sentences, common words, and do not abuse foreign words. And even if it is a scientific text, the technical terminology must always be explicit.

Be strict – in content and form

A master’s dissertation is a type of text that must contain a high standard of excellence: not only in form but also in content. Being rigorous in content and form has one purpose: to project a credible image to those who read and evaluate us.

A text without rooks, without misspellings, grammar, punctuation and an impeccable overall image reveal good attributes about who wrote it. Regarding the content, you should always substantiate very well everything you write: the authors, references, and sources that inspired it.

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Articulate your text well

Apart from clarity and rigor, another quality of a text is its cohesion. In order for your entire text to be a cohesive unit rather than a set of loose sentences, you should use words that ensure logical articulation between sentences and paragraphs. This articulation is conferred by the discursive articulators, whose function is to chain the ideas of a text, giving it a guiding thread: for example, since, therefore, moreover, though, in short, concluding, etc.

Score your text well

Another mechanism that ensures textual cohesion is punctuation. Punctuation is the spice of the text, but misused can be a real mishap. When the reader stumbles on countless commas, parentheses, and dashes, he loses the reading lead. We should make good use of punctuation, paying particular attention to the use of the comma.

Make a careful review of your dissertation

A careful review of your dissertation has a valuable purpose: to show the reader that he has been careful and careful in writing his dissertation.

What should you be aware of at the review stage? Not only do you identify rooks, typographical, spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, but you also refine the entire text, each chapter, each section, clarifying ideas, eliminating superfluous information, replacing words with synonyms, etc.

If you want to give a highly positive image to the evaluator, your dissertation should mirror a high standard of excellence to achieve the result you want.