12 Most Useful Websites / Apps for Students

12 Most Useful Websites / Apps for Students


Being a student the hardest thing to get and you for is help. Your classmates are either too busy with their own studies or work or they are really jealous of your success, you might end up with no help at all. So why is it so important you need help with your studies? You are intelligent and hardworking you should know your way around. Why is it so important that you should seek help? Well, it is obvious that any student may need some help for a number of reasons. Studies are hard and students just don`t have to do studies only, they have to work hard to keep their grades high. Now students have to keep track of their progress, prepare assignments, keep themselves healthy and much more, so a little help with these can make student life much easier.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some useful apps and website that can help students with different tasks. These websites and apps can help you around in gaining some purchase tadalafil online extra information about your studies and they can also help prepare for exams as well. Expanding knowledge and finding information has now become very easy. Using these apps and websites can help you gain more knowledge in less time and they can also help save a lot of your time as well.


No matter if you are a science student or you love to learn about science, TEDx is your one-stop solution. TEDx is basically a talk forum, where scientist, intellectuals, and other people from around the world share knowledge. You can access millions of TED Talks on almost every subject. All TED talks are very concise and carry as much knowledge as you want. To keep their audience connected they have set a video limit of just 18 minutes. TEDx is considered as one of the most credible sources of information.  TEDx has more than 500 fellows, who are representing different countries and different area of expertise.


If you are looking for study courses from different universities around the world, Coursera is your one-stop solution. If offers more than 1200 courses from universities around the world, which covers subjects like humanities, physics medicine, computer science, and much more. Coursera has got more than 12 million students around the globe. Signing up is very simple you just need your email and phone number. You can sign up to any level and enroll yourself in any course. It is indeed a good option if you want to keep yourself ahead of your class.

University of Reddit

Not the same but it functions the same as Coursera. It is an online portal that enables you to access courses offered by thousands of universities from around the world. You can sign up easily and get yourself enrolled in any course of your choice. Don’t get confused by the name it’s not actually a university where you get credit for attending a course. It is meant to gain knowledge so that you may hold more grip over your subject and achieve good grades. Very easy to navigate, you can easily find your desired course.


Long gone are the days when we use to carry a dictionary in our bags and pockets. It is a digital age and you don’t need to carry any hard copy paper dictionary. No doubt it’s a must-have now as it was in the past, although it’s much easier to carry one now. You can access it online and you can also download the app that works very well offline. With some added features it’s not just your traditional dictionary. Searching a meaning is not just an option now. This dictionary provides you with an entire context of the word you are searching. From contextual meaning up to the synonyms, you can access it all.

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There was a time when we use to go check for books in the library and scrolling your topic of choice was even harder. Thanks to Audible, now you can listen to your favorite book while on the go. Scrolling your topic of interest is much easier now. No matter you are at the gym or working at home you can listen to your favorite books all the time. Powered by Amazon this app is one of its kind. You can easily download it on your cellphone. It has some extra features like TV programs and radio, which keeps you entertained on the go. You can also listen to audio versions of magazines and newspapers as well.


A must-have extension on your laptop. Grammarly is one of the most authentic grammar checkers available on the internet. Although, some features are not for free, still can afford to buy it as it’s not that expensive. It gets connected to your MS word and keeps on suggesting changes and highlighting errors. You can access it online and you can also download it on your system. Very easy to use you can access to different features like grammar report and grammar score as well. You can also use it on your browser, which makes it easier to write emails with correct grammar.


Ever got punished for not keeping your phone silent in the class? Now you don’t have to worry about it. Just download Studious on your Android phone and it will keep your cell phone silent while you are in the class. The only bad thing about this app is that it only works on Android phones. Just download it and put your schedule on the app and it will automatically turn your cell phone to silent. You can also keep a reminder of your homework and tests coming ahead.


This is a great website to have while you are in university. You just don’t have to worry about your references anymore. Citethisforme can handle your references according to your referencing style very effectively. It has a web extension as well as a website, which automatically generate reference for your reference page as well as in-text citations.


Flashcards are an easy way to remember things in class or in your exam. It is an old tactic that has been long forgotten by us. Teachers use flashcards to help memorize alphabets to pre-school kids. You can also use the same to memorize important topics. StudyBlue is a perfect app that brings you the classic flash cards. You can keep it on your cell phone all the time. You can also create flashcards for any subject of your choice. You can access online study material like books, journal and much more through StudyBlue.

Dragon Dictionary

As we have already discussed the importance of the dictionary, we know it’s a must carry while you are a student. Dragon Dictionary is not much different from any other traditional dictionary, yet it comes with some very great features. With this app in your mobile, you don’t have to type any word to know its meaning. You can speak directly to it and it will convert your voice to text and furthermore, it will bring out the desired results from the dictionary. It comes with a variety of great features. You can type emails, facebook status and much more. You can even type in a message for your own self.

Best Essay Writing Service

If you have trouble managing your studies and work at the same time, you can just put your worries beside and log on to ‘Best Essay Writing Service’ website. This is your shortcut to achieve good grades and save a lot of time. We can help you with any kind of paper. No matter on which level of education you are, we are here to help you with your homework and assignments. Just sign up and find your desired service, all you have to do it to send us the required details about the paper and you will get it within your given deadline.  It can save a lot of your time, that can be utilized to acquire some new skills. You can also use the same time to prepare yourself for the exams.

Khan Academy

This is just like Youtube, in fact, it’s a Youtube for students. If you are facing difficulty, understanding any new concept or you have problems with any subject, you can get help from Khan Academy. With millions of courses and millions of tutors from around the globe, you can access to almost everything. Khan Academy has been in partnership with NASA, MIT and Museum of Modern Arts to empower students from around the globe. They also offer personalized learning dashboard, which includes practical, exams, video lectures and a lot more. Covering almost every subject, Khan Academy is one of its kind serving students from almost every corner of the world.