Tips to Score Good Grades in Semester Exams

Tips to Score Good Grades in Semester Exams


Many students face the dreaded final exams every year. One of the problems that students accuse most on these dates is the number of exams that must be done in a few days. So, you are still thinking on “How can I score good marks in exam?” don’t worry this guide will help you with your studies and provide you with the best semester exam study tips.

What to do the days before examining

According to the best essay writing service the normal, ideal and what should be, is that when these dates approach you have already done the job. If you have attended a class or if you have distributed the work in the previous months, you will arrive with everything studied. So you don’t really play that much, you’re just going to show what you’ve already done.

You should not change your habits these days. Sport is something that will be very useful for you to study, 4 hours after having practiced sports, your memory will increase, at least that’s what many research papers published ensures. The improvements with the sport also come if you practice it before taking the exam, you will be calmer and your brain will be more agile.

Study schedules will also influence your results. Use the Pomodoro technique and have a study routine, a place to study, ambient music or whatever you choose to make your study.

And if you are one of those who find it difficult to put on, that distractions always appear, a good strategy is to make a list of things that distract you.

Specific Preparation for Final Exams

These days you have to focus your work on the reviews. And very good tools to do it in a very short time are the mind maps, it is a tool that changes your life.

We always say that the important thing is to learn and that approval comes alone. But when we reach the final exams you can follow some tips to maximize the chances of success:

Many small reviews: At this point, you have seen the whole agenda and what you have to do is distribute them in time.

Exam models: In many situations, it is easy to get exams from previous years. If you are preparing an exam, what better way to do it than with similar exams. It will serve as a test, they will allow you to see what parts of the agenda you have to review more.

Working groups: Get together with the good guys and stay to help you all. Asking your colleagues questions can help you. The opposite case will help you more than you think, if they ask you and you explain it, you will be doing an excellent review exercise where you will realize if you understand it well.

The teacher: If you have the same question on “How do I prepare for a semester” In your mind take advantage and ask the teacher. This resource is rarely used and it is often he who can best advise you.

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Preparations: If you examine yourself in a place you don’t know, go ahead and find it beforehand. Many times it is not enough to have an address and Google Maps. I know more than one who has not found the test site on time and has been left out. A walk a few days before, even finding the class, will give you much more peace of mind.

Day D: Sleep the hours you usually sleep. And if you have to get up early that day, do it also the previous days to get used to it.

Semester Exams Study Tips

  • A calm and relaxed mind. If we want to concentrate in a short time to prepare the final exams it is essential that we be calm and have well oxygenated and fed our brain. You should have a healthy, adequate, balanced diet, sleep enough hours a day and if you feel that your nerves invade you can try deep breathing techniques by closing your eyes and spending a few minutes in visualizing your calm body.
  • Choose the study techniques. If you want to succeed in the final exams it is clear that good preparation during previous weeks and throughout the general course helps you as well as attending class because it helps you to sound the concepts you have to study.
  • What is the best time to study? Always remember each student is different and has their own techniques. When studying a syllabus you can choose a multitude of options: visualize what you have to memorize, make mind maps, schemes with ideas that connect with others of the same topic, collect key data among the multitude of folios that you have in front of them and from them it will be easier for you to expose the rest of the ideas, associate words or definitions with something that is familiar to us … there are many methods that if we focus on them we can take advantage and have a good performance during our study hours.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts. They say there are no expecting positive results from a negative attitude, and it is true. If you only think that you are not going to be able to pass the tests, that you are going to fail and you accuse negative ideas, then, in the end, the mind validates these ideas and it will be much more complicated to concentrate and memorize the corresponding syllabus of our subjects. Believe in yourself or yourself and only with effort and dedication will you be able to achieve good long-term results.
  • Review the topics. It is very important that you verify that you know all the concepts that are the focus of study and make sure that you really master the subject so that you cannot block yourself or have doubts when you have the exam in front. You can explain to other classmates or family members the subject, write it, make outlines, mental reviews that allow you to quickly see everything you have studied … do not leave anything to chance.


There is no single and general trick to prepare the final exams that allow us to obtain the pass because each student has their own methods, make sure you take these guidelines into account when studying and that can help us concentrate best. The months of June and July are synonymous with final exams for many students. Now the time is coming when there are several exams to prepare and in many cases with little time and there are hardly any days between some tests and others.