Term Paper Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Term Paper Writing Do's and Don’ts


Term papers make up a very huge part of the semester grade. Writing a term paper can really alter the course of your grade if done right. Term papers are supposed to be a measure of all that the student has learned throughout the semester. Term paper writing assesses and analyzes the student’s research capabilities. If your question is “can you write an essay for me?” or if you are searching the phrase “help me write my term paper”, or ‘term paper writing service’ or any other writing service then we would happily write an essay, a term paper and even a thesis for you. Most college students do not have time to carry out research as well as write a term paper for several subjects. Mostly because many college students have other subjects to do and some of them do jobs as well. In some cases, some students just do not feel secure enough in their own writing expression or some might not even know how to write a term paper on their own.

In any case, in order to help you, we have come up with a simple list of dos and don’ts of term paper writing. These term paper writing tips will help you a lot, and you will get a better idea of how to write a term paper and improve your writing expression while building your confidence. This list is aimed at helping you better manage your time and give you a general overview of what a term paper should have. Mostly, the requirements of a term paper are defined by the course instructor, if the teacher has not shared enough information for you to follow, try and get in touch with them. Before getting started on the term paper, be certain of the following: guidelines for writing a term paper, what is expected of you (I.e. term paper writing format) and on what basis will you be graded. With all that being said, here’s what you should do and not do.


Format the Paper

Make sure you have formatted the paper in the right sense. There are two kinds of formats that you should be following while writing a term paper. One is the writing format which is already assigned to you in the initial guidelines. It can be APA, MLA, Harvard or any other format depending on your paper. Make sure you have done the proper formatting before you submit the paper. The other format is about the paper you are writing. If it is a research paper you have to make sure you are following the research paper format and if it is an essay you should be following the essay format.

Straighten to Approach to Write the Paper

Writing a term paper, you have to make sure that it is far from any creative writing or fiction writing. It is an academic paper and it should be written in a straight forward approach. Don’t add any fancy wording to create a literary aroma in your writing. Get straight to the topic and discuss all the facts and figures you have. Prove your research in clear and concise words be positive about future research approaches and make sure you are addressing the core topic throughout your paper.

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Your Research should be based on Logic

As discussed, before you have to make sure your research should be based on a realistic approach. You cannot write about anything that is hypothetical in nature. Structure of the paper should also support your research question and all the facts you are adding in the paper. Stay focused and make sure you are writing everything in a coherent way.

Use Google Scholar

While writing your term paper you must cite everything that is not coming from your own thoughts. That is what makes your research more authentic. For this, you should be using published papers, books, articles, and journals. Google Scholar is the only source where you can get all the published material. It’s very easy to navigate and you can select your desired citation style as well.

Create an Outline

The very first thing to do when carrying out research or working on a term paper is to create an outline. When writing and reviewing copious amounts of literature, it is very easy to stray far away from the topic. It is also very easy to forget all the points that came to your head unless you wrote them down. Writing down all your ideas and then organizing them will help you avoid the stress of making it up as you go because you have no idea what you want. Creating an outline will also help you in avoiding writer’s block so you can work more efficiently without getting stuck or lagging.

Stay Relevant

No one wants to read a paper that is just a jumble of thought, make an effort to keep your text as relevant as possible. In order to capture your audience, you need to make sure that you know what you are talking about, and that you are not just adding unnecessary stuff. Staying relevant means you should make an effort to filter the information that you are presenting in your term paper and not just write all you know or find out.

Cite, Cite, and Cite

When writing a paper, any and all claims you make in the paper should be supported by a reference and a citation style that fulfills the requirements set forth by the instructor. All the claims made in a research paper of any kind should be supported by proven facts. Without sufficient support, it would be very difficult for your reader to take you seriously. Citation also shows that you are not just basing your term paper off of made-up knowledge, rather you have taken the time to revise enough literature and hence are knowledgeable enough to make the claims that you do make.

Make Your Life Easier

It’s the 21st century and there have been a lot of innovations to make life easier for you. So just like it would be an almost unthinkable idea to get rid of the Laundromat and start washing clothes manually, right? So why would you cite everything manually when there are dozens of online citation generators that do it for you with the touch of a button. Using new and helpful techniques help students save time and get the job done faster. Encouraging the use of these applications will allow more time to focus on things that really matter to you.


Don’t Digress

When writing a paper of great length, it can be hard to stay close to the topic. However, the more you digress from the topic the more it seems that you have nothing of value to add to the topic. No digression means focusing intently on the topic. While it’s okay to mention certain topics that point away from the main topic, the link between your main topic and the other topic needs to be explained to the reader. It so often happens that the link between the two topics is very apparent to the author, but not to the reader, hence always link things back to the main topic to avoid going too far from the topic.

Don’t use too much Jargon

Writing your term paper can become tricky if you are using too much jargon. Always remember there is a very thin line between using scientific terminologies and jargon. To make sure what terminology you should use you have to identify your reader. In this case, of course, it is your teacher. Who is well aware of all the scientific terminologies, so you can use them but you should be careful not to use them too much.

Don’t Get Too Carried Away

In your term paper, do not make claims you cannot support. This is an academic venture and cannot have the emotional element of getting carried away. Do not make sweeping claims or passionate statements in your term paper, it shows a lack of professionalism and objective approach. Make claims that can be supported by previous literature or current findings and are analyzed objectively.

Don’t extend your paper too much

A term paper comes with a precise set of guidelines. Where it has all the necessary details. From writing style to number or words everything is clearly mentioned in the guideline. Do not exceed your paper too much, be concise in choice of your words so that you can get it done within your given number of words. If you extend it too much you might end up losing some points.

Don’t make personal claims

Using any personal claims can become negative for your paper. Clearly state where you are explaining a pre-written definition or theory and do proper citation. This is how you will develop a good sense of research in your paper and with everything cited you can just get everything in place.

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Don’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism is one of the biggest sins of academic writing, and will definitely hurt your chances in getting a better grade. In order to maintain academic repute an author needs to know how to use their own words, that is why it is important to not plagiarize.

Don’t Cite Wikipedia

Using Wikipedia as a relevant source is an amateur mistake, try and use valid academic sources when supporting claims being made.


Term papers can really help with a grade and so it is important to get them done right. When writing a term paper, you should make an outline, add only relevant details, cite to support all claims, and use various tools to help improve your writing and grammar. Do not digress from the topic try to stay as close to the topic as possible, do not make sweeping passionate statements – try to stay objective, do not plagiarize and do not cite Wikipedia or other irrelevant websites. Always try and use valid articles. And if you need any kind of term paper writing help, feel free to visit bestessaywritingservice.org