Does Technology Have Any Impact On Teaching And Learning?

Does Technology Have Any Impact On Teaching And Learning?


The recent developments in technology have really altered the course of life on earth. Access to communication technology has also affected the perceptions people hold about the world, and since communication technology has affected the way human beings interact with each other and how information is shared, it has left an impact on all spheres of life.

Social institutions like, Family and Media have both changed significantly over the past 2 decades. Where before the emphasis used to be on proper families that live together under the same roof today a common family structure is separated parents and children who prefer to isolate themselves. Similarly, earlier News was shared through traditional mediums and fewer channels, today there are several channels and news and any information is very easily disseminated.

Unlike these other social institutions, education had initially been a little slower in using technology, but today students all across the globe not only have access to all sorts of information but to various services as well. Today students can get their work done using the best assignment service out there, and not have anyone know about it, and while there is much debate about the moralities and the legality of the service, there are other impacts of technology on education that need to be discussed first.

Positive Impacts

Technology has made it easier for people to access education; this is one of the biggest points that work in favor of technology. Online universities and MOOC courses are all about giving people living in remote areas, a chance to complete their education. Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to lead a life away from their parent’s homes, hence when talking about how technology has changed education positively, this factor cannot be ignored.

Technology has also made it easier for students to move at their own pace, there are tons of websites that provide a variety of resources for students to use. If a student can’t fully understand his/her teacher on a particular subject, that student can search on the internet and build their own understanding of the subject. With the help of videos and notes available online more students can now actually take interest in their studies and not be stressed out about being left behind. One example of this is the impact of technology on the teaching and learning of mathematics. Teachers can now use smart boards and CD-ROMs that come with books, to promote a better understanding of their own students. They can even improve the access these students have to information, which can help them in grasping a concept better. Another benefit of using technology in teaching is that teachers can now also cater to their distant learning pupil, and hence can serve a larger group of people. Managing assignments and even checking them has become a whole lot easier for teachers, because once they used to have to collect piles and piles of paper and go through it, but today they just have to have a laptop, and they can ask their students to submit their work from wherever they may be.

Another area where changes have been seen due to technology in teaching and learning is in the research field. Students at any level are now able to conduct more comprehensive researches. This is not only because they now have better access to information but also because they have access to larger sample size. They can upload their survey forms to the internet and use various platforms like surveymonkey, to disseminate their data, and collect the information required from all across the globe. A larger sample size makes the research more valid and its findings more reliable. There are also citation generators and other tools that students can use to improve the overall look of their research paper. We know how long citing one line can take, and since there is so much to cite from, it can prove to be a very wasteful task, but thanks to technological advancements students no longer have to worry about these things. And hiring best essay writing service is another door that has been opened for students to help them manage their work better.

Even assessing students has become easier for teachers, especially when it comes to checking for plagiarism and relevance of the sources mentioned in their students’ work. It has also become easier to compile and assess grade, many colleges use OMR sheets, which can be read and checked easily through and OMR scanner. This effectively helps teachers save time that they can dedicate to other things like their own research.

Negative Impacts

While there is a lot of good that comes out of most man-made things, there is also a ton of bad that can happen. For example, while technology has improved ease of access to communication, many would argue that its usage has also affected students’ attention span. The daily usage of phones and computers, increase blue light exposure and causes changes in sleep cycles and general attention span of an individual.

Another negative impact of technology on education is that because of the vast amounts of information available on the internet, students might find it difficult to identify which sources are more relevant than others, for example certain instructors ask for peer-reviewed articles to be cited, but often it can be very hard to decipher which articles and research papers showing up on your search are peer reviewed.

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Access to essay writing services is another issue which has gotten teachers very concerned. While essay writing services are completely legal, they might not entirely be moral. Even though most essay writing services will give you original and work free from plagiarism, many teachers argue that it is not the student putting in the effort and hence these services should be banned. However, many students find it difficult to manage their time well in college and might find themselves stuck and hopelessly failing their own assignments. That is why it should be okay to help them out because colleges do not seem to care enough about their students.


Technology has changed many aspects of human life, bringing ease as well as new hardships; education has been no exception to this. While making it easier to access education, technology has made it difficult to know legit from fake, and hence resulting in larger scams. It has also affected students’ attention spans and their ability to complete their own work.


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