12 Best Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job

12 Best Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job


Resume Writing is a skill that everyone needs to learn on their own, but it isn’t taught at universities. You might have to attend a couple of workshops to learn but really you might still have no idea what works and what doesn’t because some things work for some people and some things work for others, and unlike most things, you can’t get the best essay writing service to write it for you. So what should you say in a resume? Well, before we can answer that question, let’s talk a little about what a resume is.

Dictionary.com defines a resume as:

“A brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.”

Based on this definition it is a short overview of your career so far, now your question should be what are the key components of a resume? Well, to answer your question the following is the list of all the things your resume should have:

– Name

– Address

– Contact Information

– Aim/Objectives

– Educational background

– Work Experience

– Skills

– Hobbies

The main aim of a resume is to give the employer a quick snapshot of why they should hire you it is your chance to sell yourself and make yourself stand out. So with all that being said here’s the answer to your actual question – what should you say in a resume? :

1.     Do some research on your own

We know what we said earlier, but if you are a complete newbie to the resume and CV thing, then reviewing some examples won’t hurt. It will give you an idea of the competition; perhaps even help you out with some inspiration on that front. Reviewing examples can also help you decide the tone you want to keep for your resume. While there might be no such thing as “successful examples” (you’re telling me that this person got every single job they ever applied to? That’s unreal) you can always view samples and examples available on the internet, and get some friends to share theirs with you so you can learn the different approaches people use when writing their resume.

2.     Stick to a Template

Templates can be so helpful when it comes to writing your resume, simply because there are so many different templates to choose from on the internet, and you can see which ones really suit your aesthetic. They also help you save a lot of time on the design. Nobody likes a plain resume, it really doesn’t attract attention, a template takes care of the design aspect of it. At least your resume will catch the eye, although you do have to be prepared to make certain changes to your resume template because it might not be the exact fit you want for your own style. A tip we have learned over the years is to simply copay paste elements of the template to help customize it to your liking.

3.     Choose the Best Resume Format

For all the resume writing tips and samples that you can find on the internet, it is important to know that there are different types of resumes – the chronological, functional, combination or targeted. You need to decide which one suits your need best and then create that type of resume for yourself. Remember customizing your resume is a big part of its originality and you need to ensure that you make it as customized as possible. You really want your resume to be organized and almost like a typical resume in a format so that recruiters don’t think you have no idea what a resume is.

4.    Choose a Basic Font

For your resume, you want a font that’s decent, not flashy or fun. You want it to be easily read and understood, it’s a professional document after all. Choosing a basic font will also help draw attention to other more important elements of your resume such as the content through which you will prove you are fit for the job and that you are the best candidate to hire in this case.

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5.    Quantify Accomplishments by Adding Numbers

While most people hate math, they somehow respond better to quantifications of things., so for example when you say that you were runner up in some competition, it is possible that your employers might have never heard of that competition, so putting a perspective on it, like runner up amongst 800 competitors or something along these lines can really help you make your case. So quantify some of your accomplishments, it is possible that you might not be able to quantify all of them. So adding numbers can really help prove your point in this case, and even put things in perspective for your employer.

6.    Don’t forget your contact information

Do not forget to add your contact information to your resume, and put it somewhere where it can be visible to your employee so that if they like your resume they can contact you as soon as possible. You should even keep your address info as updated as possible, and don’t forget to mention your email and other social media profile links, just so your employers can contact you if need be. You should always be mindful of the information and street address that you provide, double check it to make sure you are entering the right number. So many employers dismiss candidates because their contact information doesn’t seem too accurate, so don’t let it be something people see in your resume.

7.     Make it seem more real

Giving the recruiters a little information about you only helps your case and makes you seem more real because to them you are just a paper person. Adding a picture, your life goals or a little bit about yourself in one sentence or so can really help your case. Adding a profile to your resume can add personality to it and also make you seem more like a person. So in order to make it seem more real and make your resume stand out, you need to add a few things that talk about you as a person.

8.     Rank accomplishment by relevance and validity

One resume writing tip for college students is that they should rank their accomplishments and achievements as per the relevance and validity of it to the job that they are applying for. It is important because when recruiters find themselves skimming through applications in order to shortlist, they possibly check the top few experiences of achievements you have and then based on that decide whether they want to read the rest of it or not. Also if you were a recruiter you would seriously on see the first few achievements and decide on that basis, even if you read the entire thing you might find yourself unable to shortlist the candidate. With achievements and skills, you need to remember that your first impression is your last.

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9.      Stay updated on your keywords list

The holy grail of your resume writing tips is that you should include words and skills that the job description has listed. So if you want your resume to show up when they search for it through software or algorithm, you have got to add those keywords to your resume. Also try and keep up with the keywords that are being used in the industry or job market, so that your resume shows up when the software does it work. Making you easier to notice, although you shouldn’t lie on your resume; you should obviously be applying for jobs that fit you well and the keywords are synonyms for the works or achievement you have already done.

10.     Optimize Resume Job Descriptions

So resumes are often very little space to showcase your entire space, but you can optimize job descriptions and use them to make yourself stand out from the pool of applicants by simply using color to draw attention to various details, keep your resume short and simple and as original as possible to help the recruiters understand it quicker, that way they can call you immediately for an interview. While drawing attention to your resume can be difficult, adding simple details to it can really help you perform better.

11.     Customize your resume for every job you apply to

Since every job is different and you need to ensure that you get your best shot at it, you should customize a resume for every job. Using all the elements mentioned earlier such as keywords and profile, because every job description is often written by different people and so is often unique and different in many ways. In order to break the code, you need to author a resume that really suits and shows you as the most fitting criteria. Again, no one is asking you to lie but try to shape the truth as you like, do not get too carried away.

12.     Know your manners when entering addresses and details

Although this doesn’t need to be said, it sounds like common sense, so often it happens that you apply so hastily for a job that you forget to properly focus on the contact details and email address, getting it wrong. If you get it wrong then you will never hear back from companies and recruiters because they will never get your resume. So, always double check the address when you type it and make sure you are sending it to the right person, properly addressed and with a formal note.

These were all the tips we have for you today, drop by and see what else we can help you with.


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