How to Write a Research Paper Intro Paragraph

Whether you are using an online essay writing service, or you are writing your own thesis you need to know a good intro and a bad intro. The introduction of your paper matters because almost everyone who reads your paper will try to analyze its worth based on this small part of your thesis. Research papers often make up a larger percentage of our grades and that is why they need to be overall well written, with good grammar, citation, and formatting.

Many times when teachers or professors have to go through several research papers, they may not have the time to read entire research papers, and so they may assess the paper on the basis of certain sections, most often these sections are the introductory section, the methodology section and the findings and conclusions. Similarly, after your paper has been published, another student looking for content for his/her own paper will also assess the paper based on the intro and conclusion to see if it is relevant to their purpose or not. That is why a research paper introduction needs to be written to perfection. To set your paper apart from those having similar research paper topics, a strong introduction is a necessity.


How to Write a Research Paper Intro Paragraph

How to start a Research Paper Intro

A research paper intro is responsible for capturing your reader’s attention and informing them of what the paper contains, in the shortest possible way. However, when writing about your research and trying to summarize it into a paragraph or two, many people face the problem of adding relevant things. Often when writing an intro, writers tend to get lost in their own thoughts and the intro ends up being a lot longer than it should be. Remember, that you do not have to summarize the entire research paper just mention the relevant points and try to make a quick overview of the important and relevant points of your thesis.

One method you could use for writing a quick intro is to use your research paper outline, to help you identify the important points of your research paper, and then writing a paragraph that incorporates all of those points together. Another point to keep in mind is that an introductory section often has many subparts, and it is up to you to know what format is required by your instructor. Sometimes it goes in a flow, with different paragraphs, and sometimes subheadings are used to identify each section separately.

In order to write a perfect research paper intro, try and keep a few things in mind. An intro paragraph is supposed to have your thesis statement in it. To let the reader know what the paper is about; it should also include the purpose and the background for doing the research, informing the reader of why the research was carried out. Give information about your topic, but not too much, it should be borne in mind while writing the introduction that it is the first thing anyone will read from your paper and it would be best to make it count, remember “the first impression is the last impression.”

Even if you are getting your research paper written by an online writing service, you must know what a perfect intro paragraph should look like. The following points are to be kept in mind when wondering how to write an introduction for a research paper: 

Research on the subject

While writing research paper intro make sure that what you are going to investigate is not already done by another author. Search and choose articles or books that talk about your specific topic. Avoid generic or independent websites, while URLs ending in .org or .edu are good options; you should also keep in mind that Wikipedia is not a good source for a research paper.

When writing an introduction for a research paper, it is recommended to outline the content of the work before writing any of its parts; therefore, you should be one of the first steps. This scheme should not be detailed, but an outline of the path you are going to take. This will help you organize your sources and deepen the introductory paragraph. If you still feel that you need some professional assistance you can check on with the best essay writing service available on the internet.

Write the topic of the research paper

Place it in the right context. It has to be one or several detailed sentences, a summary of what you are trying to discuss with your research. When writing research paper intro you should use a clear and active voice, as you must capture the reader’s attention and encourage him to read the entire thesis.

Purpose or objective

You should also briefly state the purpose or objective of the research paper, what has led you to choose that topic and what do you expect to obtain from this research. It is not necessary that you extend too much since later you can dedicate a section to the general and specific objectives of the research paper.

Research methodology

As per a pro writer from some of best essay writing service it also indicates the research methodology that has been followed to carry out the project. In the same way as in the case of the objectives, in the introduction, it will only be necessary that you write down what the chosen methodology has been and then you will deepen.

Although it seems contradictory, writing research paper intro in the introduction you will have to mention the main results of the research paper. We should not reserve them exclusively for the end of the project, because we are likely to lose readers along the way. It is not a thriller in which we must keep the mystery, but exposing the results in broad strokes will generate interest in readers.

Be general

When carrying out a research, you focus on a single sub-topic that is derived from a greater topic, so for example, if you are carrying out a research on how children’s behaviors alter based on the content they watch, your topic should focus on behaviorism which belongs to the general category of psychology. When writing an intro for this particular paper, you will not talk about how Psychology started as a subject. However, you may talk about how behaviors are affected by the environment and how media is a very big part of this environment. You do not want to straightforwardly tell the reader the entire summary of your work, you want to give them the details in just the right amount to keep them interested enough to read the rest of your work.

Be Relevant

Relevance is very important for an intro. Long intros are boring and short intros might lack all the important points. For your intro to be a proper quick overview of your research paper, you should only include the relevant details from your entire thesis outline. Do not start listing down facts and figures or detailed specifics. You may mention how many children tend to copy behavioral patterns that they see around them, but do not list all the factors that actually do affect a child’s behavior. Even the information you provide in this section is supposed to be relevant, do not provide any and all information or background knowledge. Keep the paragraph simple and short.


While trying to keep the audience as informed as possible, you must not forget to add the purpose of the research paper. Your thesis statement should also be a part of this research paper. The thesis statement should sum up your topic and the purpose of this research, and the hypothesis that you will be testing. Adding the thesis statement to the intro is a quick way of letting your reader know what they can expect from the research paper.

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Writing Order

Since the introduction requires a lot of thought and a comprehensive understanding of the topic, there is no need to write it first. In fact, you should write your research paper in your own flow, whichever section you feel like writing, to avoid wasting time and writer’s block. Therefore, in order to make a relevant yet comprehensive summary, one must be well versed in the content of the research paper. Writing the introduction paragraph at the very end will allow you to make a comprehensive summary of all the details and points mentioned including any changes you might have made later on.

Make it good

In order to write a relevant intro, you need to be able to capture your audience’s attention and persuade them that your thesis is worth the read. You can do that by making a list of all the things that are very interesting in your thesis, and try to incorporate them into either your thesis statement or the other parts of your intro paragraph.

Set the tone

When writing a thesis, the voice you use in it should be commanding and formal and your introductory paragraph is where it shall be set. So make sure that in order to attract your reader, you do not end up oversimplifying the material of your thesis. A good intro is necessary, but it should carry the same tone as the rest of the thesis, regardless of which order you choose to write in.


So to sum it all up, the perfect intro is a necessity to capture a reader’s interest and to be a reflection of the actual text. In order to write the perfect intro, you should try to be general within the confines of your topic, add only relevant information, add your thesis statement and write-in whatever order you feel comfortable with.