Top 15 Reason Why College Students Are Lousy At Writing

Top 15 Reasons Why College Students Are Lousy At Writing


Adjusting to life in college can be very difficult and it can take its toll on students. You are expected to live away from home and learn how to manage an entire house – this includes paying your bills, making rent, doing taxes and working so that you can make enough money to survive. You also have to learn to manage your time so that you can also get good grades, and graduate with good grades so that you can get better opportunities in your future. While these were only the personal areas of growth, one is also expected to acquire new skills and engage in extracurricular activities so that they can again hope for a better future.

Amongst these new skills is the need to know how to write. Many students today, find it very difficult to write long essays, and that is why the essay writing service industry is growing. By providing students with expert-written customized essays on all topics, these services have furthered the cause of not putting any effort into writing. Many students can also ask their colleagues to “write my essay for free” in order to get their colleagues to write their essays for me. However, a growing concern is that many college students find themselves unequipped with the tools required to improve their own writing styles. The academic community is suffering because they cannot get good writing from their students, and so their research work also lacks the finesse that could be found in earlier times. As writing problems among students become more common, we decided to sit down with our expert writers and see what really the causes of poor writing skills in students today.

We heard a lot from our experts as well as teachers, and here are the top 15 reasons why student writing has become so lousy over the years:

1.     The social media factor

We live in a time of tweets and posts, the youth of today’s has a very specific format through which they like to receive their information – images and short bits. There is no longer need for elaboration and detail, many people prefer short stuff, helps them keep focus. In such age students of all ages have been socialized to think and accept information in bite sizes, this means that accepting information in any other form can be a difficult task for them. Social Media also brings with it a variety of slang and internet vernacular, that although isn’t acceptable in formal settings, still programs people to abbreviate words, and limits their vocabulary.

2.     Lack of time management

Time management is another factor that contributes to the constant decline in the quality of student writing. Since students are expected to do jobs and socialize and study, they find that they have very little time to do anything else. With such high workload, many students suffer from anxiety and depression; making them fret over everything from deadlines to financial problems. How are students expected to focus on improving themselves and acquiring skills, when so many of them are struggling with time management? Colleges and schools should offer students more lenient deadlines, and introduce policies that allow teachers to work together in order to ensure that students are not under a lot of pressure. Lack of time management is one issue that our expert attributed to students problem in writing, they just don’t have the time.

3.     The difference in High school vs. College levels

Another reason for students problem in writing English is the difference that they experience going from High School to College. Many teachers aim to prepare their students for college at a high school level, this means holding them to higher standards. However the fact remains, that students find themselves woefully unequipped when they start college, this is especially true for things like essay writing. Since high schools do not focus on the right things to teach their students about essay writing, they are unable to learn college writing skills. If you think about it, you are taught to write essays in primary school, and although as you go along you are writing an essay on various topics, you are not taught proper essay writing etiquettes for mature writing and that is why many students find it difficult to write in college.

4.     Lack of instructions

Whether it is high school or college, the lack of instruction that students have when it comes to writing is a great reason why many students are so bad at writing. In High School, teachers focus on grammar and spelling instead of also focusing on analysis and expression, and college professors, do not have the time or are not available enough to help students with understanding writing as a medium. Due to these reasons, college students are lousy at writing, as they cannot get proper instructions from anywhere. While there are certain classes which help students in writing, our experts said that one class in writing is not enough, and there needs to be a greater investment of time into writing.


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5.     Lack of experience

The social media factor is not the only thing that has led to poor writing in today’s youth, there is also a general lack of experience. Not many students nor teachers have had the patience to read genuine classic literature. The truth is that in today’s world we can no longer identify a good piece of writing from a bad piece because nobody has enough experience to do so. There are experts in every field, and the experts in writing know that people just do not know the difference because you have to read a lot to know what is good and what is bad. Hence lack of experience in these terms is another reason why writing is such a problem for students.

6.     Mediocrity is abundant

In order to know good writing from bad, you must read a lot, but many students think that mediocrity should be considered good. Students who think that just because they have good grammar and spelling in an essay, are only half right about their own essays. Many students will only go so far as to polish their grammar and spelling because it’s easier and has set rules. However, that is only half the battle with writing and the other half is often ignored and not worked on as much. Since many students focus on only half of the whole of what essay writing should be, they are always at best – mediocre. And when mediocre is considered high quality is when the standards are being lowered.

7.     The drafting process

Amongst the processes of writing, there are many that need to be mastered, the first of which is drafting. Since many students prefer to use essay writing services, they do not feel the need to stick through the entire process of writing. This means that certain parts of the writing cycle are omitted. The first part which is most commonly skipped is the drafting part. In order to get the best possible results from an essay, a student should take the time to write out several drafts which can, in turn, help them improve the quality of their essay or writing steadily. Writing is not meant to be easy, and good writing requires persistence and effort, for this reason, drafting is important. However, these days even when writing the essays themselves, many students skip drafting because they just cannot find the time to, and have left their work up to the last minute.

8.     The editing process

Another step in the writing cycle which really helps improve the quality of the output but is too often skipped is the editing process. At this stage the essay or work of writing is supposed to be polished to perfection, things like grammar and spelling should be checked in this stage, but that is not the only thing that should be assessed at this stage. Students should also be trying to establish the overall voice and bring uniformity to the writing. However since this stage is so often skipped or left to the algorithms, it has become a key reason why students cannot write better – because they just don’t have the patience to.

9.     Not enough attention to detail

Many experts said that another reason why students have poor quality writing is because they do not read enough. Since most of us just read two lines to get the information we need, and the media all around us has progressed in this very method, reading has become a very difficult task. Reading books and research papers can be very difficult given the current average attention span.  And since students don’t read enough they have no idea what it is that captures the reader’s attention and how to develop their own style of writing, leaving them with not knowing how to pick details which matter from those that don’t.

10.    No confidence in expression

Since everyone is so focused on Grammar and spelling, the expression is one thing that teachers and professors so often overlook. Confidence in expression means that the student is sure of what they are writing, and will write their work confident that they can express their understanding of the topic to their reader. Students need to have confidence in their expression so that their essays sound decisive and clear. Confidence in expression is one part of writing that come only with consistency and practice.

11.    Lack of analytical abilities

The analysis is another area which lacks attention and is a huge part of college-level writing. Students should be able to give a proper analysis of their stance and the factors that they are taking into consideration. This is another skill that can be learned from reading widely, and seeing how different people have designed their own ways of presenting their analysis. A student should be able to express their analysis and explain t the reader how the thought process works for them. Lack of analysis is a major reason why students fail to write effective essays, they get too caught up in mentioning facts and forget to add their own thoughts to their own paper.

12.    Solely academic

Writing has become a solely academic activity, students prefer doing things other than writing and this is another reason why they have poor skills. They only write for academic purposes, and only for the grades. Writing is no longer seen as a life skill that will help students throughout their life, it is only seen as an activity which grants them grades. Since students fail to understand the application of good writing skills in their everyday lives, they continue to ignore and fail to work on building it as a skill.


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13.    No Sharing of experiences

The teachers do not have the time and the students do not have the means to be able to share their experiences on writing. Students will always compare their grades, but do not sit down and assess why they got the grade that they did. When writing essays and other things one can rely on their own experiences but learning from other people’s experiences is an added bonus. But since no student shares their experience with others, they cannot all hope to improve and grow together. Even teachers should take time out to help their students understand their own mistakes in writing so that people can work on their own to improve themselves.

14.    Lack of good writing examples

As time goes on we see a constant decline in the way students write, this will eventually lead to a complete absence of good examples for writing. Many experts believe that this lack of good writing examples keeps mediocre students thinking they are experts in writing.

15.    A dying art form

Writing, in essence, is becoming a somewhat endangered art form, although it still is a prime mode of communication, when it comes to methods of expression and creativity, writing is no longer taken in consideration. Since digital media is becoming a more common form of expression, writing is losing relevance.


These are all the main reasons why student writing has been suffering, for all your essay writing needs, visit ‘best essay writing service’.