Quick Ways to write a successful college application essay

Quick Ways to write a successful college application essay


A good college application essay can make or break your future as a student. Getting into a good college is the struggle of every high school senior. All of them are competing with each other in order to secure spots in their favorite programs, and see what they can make of their own futures. Getting into college is important because for many students it allows them a better chance to access better opportunities, this means being able to get a higher paying job or a better education. The problem, however, occurs when high school students, who are already burned out by their senior year stresses, are expected to write these essays. When students come to college they adapt and try to find a balance in their lives, between working multiple jobs, attending classes and trying to survive on their own, many students choose to start using dissertation writing services. But all that is about life after college, and the one thing that all future college students need to get their careers started is a college application essay.

A college application essay is a requirement put forth by many colleges all around the globe, wherein some countries it is common for schools to ask for an entrance exam score, in western countries, colleges ask for an application essay. This application essay is the chance that students are given to convince the selection committee that they are worthy of studying at the institute. When it comes to writing and submitting these applications, their deadlines come at a time when students are busy with their schools work, hence they are unable to dedicate the time and energy that the task requires. Writing a college application essay requires concentration and skill, and is by no means a minor feat.

Even though schools understand the importance of their students getting into college, very few schools actually teach their children what a college application essay contains. When schools fail to do their jobs properly, it is up to the students to get help. Many students get dissertation writing service to write their college application essays for them, some students write it themselves and then get their works proofread and revised by these services. Students who cannot afford these services, will most often turn to online college essay application examples, or use online college application essay formats to come up with a composition.

We here believe in helping students, not only in managing their workload but also by helping them develop new skills, like essay writing. Our expert writers have written wide varieties of essays, and through their own experiences they have come up with some foolproof ideas to write college applications. College applications or personal statements are a way that colleges assess the abilities of their applicants. They use the essay, to assess the comprehension, composition, vocabulary, and expression of their prospective students. All these things are a necessity to survive life in college.

So, without any further ado, here are our top 10 tips to write a quick college application essay, that can save you tons of time when you have none to spare:

1.   Build your own template

You will probably be applying to multiple colleges at the same time and they might even have close deadlines. For the sake of your sanity, we recommend building a template for your essay, you might tweak somethings and make some changes to each application but it is better than writing different essays for every college you apply to. Building a template does not mean you download an essay off the internet, rather we recommend that you write some sentences beforehand, that you know will be used, throughout and have transition phrases ready.

2.   Plan ahead

This may not be the most helpful tip we have for you but it sure is effective. You should know which colleges you are applying for and what programs you will be applying for beforehand so that you can be a whole lot more specific about the other details. You should also know what are the requirements for each college application essay to make sure that they are all similar, and so that you don’t have to worry about making a lot of changes. This will also give you guidelines on what your template should look like.


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3.   List down experiences

Before you start writing about your essay, it helps to make a list of all your experiences, so that you can decide which one’s are the most relevant or the ones that have shaped you the most. Try to decide on your experiences based on their uniqueness, and avoid clichés at all costs. Your experiences and how you will portray them are both key elements when it comes to your application essay, hence you should not only use unique experiences but also try and present them in a way that really plays in your favor.

4.   List down words and adjectives

A list of words and adjectives that you would like to use with their meaning can also really help you in showcasing your vocabulary. Even though a good composition does not require strong vocabulary, it does require good expression and some big words sprinkled a little throughout the composition won’t hurt anyone. With a list of words ready to go, you will not have to rack your brain or keep using the synonym feature on your word processing software, it will also help you in writing up different versions more easily and quickly.

5.   An outline to guide you

If you do not have the time to come up with a template for your essay, may we suggest an outline that can help you out in writing different versions of the same essay? Drawing an outline will help you in focusing in on the more important aspects of your essay. Outlines are not only a great way to build your essay’s structure, but it is also a great way to ensure that you don’t deviate from your point. It makes sure that your essay is linked together properly and helps you see what changes you might make while applying to a different college.

6.   Narrow and personal

One tip that most writers gave us is that when writing your essays should be narrow and personal, they should focus on your life, your experiences and how you are as a person. A narrow and personal essay allows you the time to delve into the details of it all. It helps you on staying closer to the point and makes your essay more unique since now it is a better reflection of your own personality. Anyone can be vague and general, but narrow and specific means that the reader now feels that they have a better idea of who you are as a person.

7.   Sell your strengths

Make sure that your essay focuses on your strengths and presents you in a favorable light. You should not forget that the essay is being used to assess you as a student and as a person, the selection committee will be assessing various aspects of your application through this essay. Hence, the essay needs to sell your strengths and passion. A quick way to ensure that you are focusing on your strengths is to see that you have used positive words throughout.

8.   Free write

Free writing is an activity that allows people to write whatever comes to them without any prior research or thought. This allows you to develop your voice and expression in your essay. Free writing also saves a lot of time, because it allows the applicant to write from the heart without any research making them gravitate towards options and topics that they are more passionate about. Hence a free write will become a sort of practice and allow you to come up with pints regarding your own passions.

9.   Be specific

Being specific in your own essay is really important and saves you a lot of time. You may be thinking that writing generally and vaguely saves time, but then you might spend a lot of time explaining what you have written. Being specific keeps you from digressing and losing sight of your actual topic. Being specific also displays clarity in thought and expressions hence can help you with your final selection.

10.  Get some help

The last thing you should know about essay writing for college applications is that it is always a good idea to have someone else read and proofread them for you. It saves you time and gets your feedback. You can even save your time by focusing on the more important things in your life, while an essay writing service can take care of the essay writing for you.


So these were our tips in helping you write a quick college application essay and ensure that you get into the college you want. Hopefully knowing some of the above-mentioned tips will help you in saving your precious time.