how to write a compare and contrast essay

how to write a compare and contrast essay


Writing all types of essays can be very challenging because in college you are faced with a wide variety of things that need to be written. Since colleges themselves do not teach writing properly, when confronted with a new type of essay students find themselves very lost and confused. They need help, and while they often end up struggling and failing to write a cohesive essay, many of them try their very best to get some information on how to write the best essays in their fields. They try getting some help from the internet and some help from their colleagues, sometimes they even end up hiring an essay writing service.

It is appalling that despite the struggle of students regarding their essay writing, teachers are still issuing vague and unspecific instructions to their students. Many students who also try and approach their teachers for help, often find the teacher to be uncooperative. With such an environment it is no wonder that the quality of essays being written by students these days have fallen. We understand that many students struggle with their time and very often do not have the time to invest in new skills. With the ever-increasing burden of fiscal responsibility, not only is managing one’s time a struggle but being constantly productive is just as much a struggle.

However, we at Best Essay Writing Service are here for all the struggling students. We are in it for the long haul, so whether it is simple essay writing guidelines or actual original written essays you need, we are here to help you through it all. Over the past few months, we have done many blogs about how to manage life in college, and how one can tackle several different types of essays. In our continuing series, of “how to”, we will be answering all your questions about how to write a comparative essay.

Before we jump into writing this essay, it has been written with a consultation with our expert writers. We thought that since best essays are often written by them, they would know the highs and lows of every process. So without any further delay let’s see how you can write a compare and contrast essay, which can make your grade.

Know what it is

A compare and contrast essay is often used to measure the similarities and differences between two things. These two things depend on what your subject is, for example, if you are writing this essay for economics, you might have to compare and contrast between the two different schools of thought. If you are a business major, you might find yourself comparing and contrasting the different waste management techniques; if you are studying music or literature, you might be asked to write about the relationship of Mozart and Salieri. The subjects are often expected to be in the same categories but different. In such a situation it is important that you know what you are talking about, and teach the reader how the two things differ in the details.

Finding your topic

As mentioned in the above point, the topic chosen just depends on the subject you are writing for. Compare and contrast essays are found in every field and are often considered the quickest way to see how well the student has understood a concept. You might even not notice that you are writing a compare and contrast essay. So if you are wondering “what can I compare and contrast?”, here is a list of topics for you:

  1.  Modigliani and Picasso
  2.  Mozart and Salieri
  3.  Vegetarians and meat-eaters
  4.  Humanities-minded and Mathematically-minded
  5.  Extroverts and Introverts
  6.  Fatalist and Voluntarism
  7.  Fascism ad Nazism
  8.  Democracy and Totalities
  9.  White extremism and Muslim Extremists
  10.  Generation Y and Generation Z
  11.  Nationalism and patriotism
  12.  Marvel and DC Comics
  13.  Apple and Samsung
  14.  Different types of diets


Brainstorming is a key stage when you are writing your compare and contrast essay. A quick brainstorm can help you decide how much content you have on a subject, and help you form at least a temporary thesis statement. A brainstorming session will also allow you to decide what is your opinion and what are the facts. Brainstorming is a key stage while writing your compare and contrast essay

It is bound to save you so much time because if you skip this stage, you will end up finding out at a later stage that the topic you chose is not as viable, or there isn’t much to analyze there. So, in order to know whether there is enough content on your topic and if the topic you chose can be compared and contrasted brainstorming is a necessary stage, where you can also use the internet to figure out differences.

Figuring out your argument

You might have a lot of similarities and differences or you might not have as many as you would like. Either way, in order to know what you are talking about there, is a million ways to frame your argument. At this stage, you should just try and figure out which differences and similarities should be included in your essay because most essays have a word limit. If you decide to write in all the possible differences and similarities you might struggle to fit it all in the word limit, because all topics can be very vast and broad. Hence deciding which details to add and what arguments make the final cut is an essential process for you to get a good end result.

Writing an outline

The next step to writing a compare and contrast essay is that you write an outline. You can do this by figuring out what is an example of a compare and contrast essay so that you have an idea of how an outline is built. A compare and contrast essay, has an outline like any other essay, you can mention important points to be added to your essay’s introduction, body and conclusion. One of the important steps while writing a compare and contrast essay is that you write an outline

You can decide how you will create the flow in your essay and which point belongs where. Writing an outline will help you assess the argument you are presenting in your essay and also help you write up our thesis statement.

Linking your ideas together

Linking your ideas together is another key part in essay writing. And in a compare and contrast essay, it is an even stronger element, because you need to be able to present your views in a favorable light. To present a comprehensive and complete analysis, you need to be able to link your points together. To create flow in your essay, and make sure that it is an enjoyable read for the person, you need to introduce ideas, while linking them to the points already mentioned. How you link these ideas together is completely at your discretion and might even be influenced by how you structure your essay.

Giving structure to your essay

Giving structure to your essay means that you decide which points in your outline go where. For example in some compare and contrast essays, after the initial intro and thesis statement, some people may choose to discuss all the similarities first, and then come down to the difference, you might even decide to do it the other way around and discuss all the differences first and then the similarities; alternatively you can even say one difference and one similarity. The structure is completely at your discretion, but you must make sure that it is a structure that does not confuse the reader. It should be one that allows your flow of ideas to be maintained.

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Bringing supporting evidence

A compare and contrast essay is nothing without the supporting evidence. Facts are a necessity for any academic essay, and so whatever topic you choose, find evidence to support it. Facts are a necessity for any academic essay

There are many questions about how do we start a comparison essay? While the essay is fairly easy to start with an introduction to the topic, you can use various documents, facts and figures, and quotes to support each point. For example, if you are talking about nationalism and patriotism, you can quote manifestos of parties from each sphere, you can even quote constitutions and UN laws on the topic.

Adding transitional words

An important and often overlooked phase of the compare and contrast essay, where linking ideas is a necessity, is adding transitional words. Be sure to add a transitional word at the beginning of every paragraph to explain the relationship between the new point and the previous point.


Revision and proofreading are the most tiresome parts of the essay writing process and for this, it is best to not do it on the same day as you complete it. Before submitting your essay, do proofread it thoroughly

Give yourself some time, put some distance and then revise. You will be able to notice your mistakes better.


We hope that this answered most of your questions about compare and contrast essays, answers to questions like – How do you write a compare and contrast essay example? What is an example of compare and contrast?  Can be easily found out and you will see a lot of them in your own field, If you don’t find one, ask your instructor to recommend one for you.