How to Manage Your Time in College – The Ultimate Guide

How to Manage Your Time in College - The Ultimate Guide

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money” way too often, however, the relevance of this quote is lost on many. While technology was introduced to help improve productivity, today it is used more as a tool for procrastination, more than anything else. For many of us up until high school, due to activities and schedules, we have a pretty productive early life, but when starting college all that productivity starts going down due to the fact that we start taking life on our own terms. Cheap assignment writing help is one way some people choose to save time in college.

Most people find it difficult to manage time in college for many reasons, which might include doing multiple jobs to be able to survive, going to classes and then spending what little time is left trying to relax your mind enough through social media. This is perhaps one of the greater mistakes, social media makes time go by faster, yes, but it also leaves us with lesser time to do the things we want.

In college, the significance of time management cannot be understated. Learning how to manage time in college, is going to become a skill that one can use throughout their life to maintain productivity. Time management for college students is the difference between submitting multiple assignments in the week, and not being able to submit one despite your hardest efforts. Many people turn to online writing services to help themselves manage because there is just no way that the hours in a day might increase, while it is a drastic measure asking for help is a good start to picking up a new skill.

Many of us tend to leave assignments unattended for days and then sit down to do them the day before they are due, however, in such cases, you can even get an online assignment writing service to do your work for you on an urgent basis. Another scenario where procrastination is common, is when a person constantly has a huge list of chores or work to do, and so they use this list to distract themselves from work they don’t want to do, however the only way this entire situation ends, eventually is by leaving very little time to actually work on the assignment, leaving behind a rushed and not at all satisfactory result.

Most people tend to procrastinate because they feel that they can get away with it, but it also severely hampers their productivity, grades, and health. According to ‘solving procrastination’ people procrastinate for various reasons, these include feeling overwhelmed, anxious or because there is a wider gap between completing the task and actually receiving the reward for it.

So, in order to help out with procrastination blues and build time management as a skill here is a list of tips:

Set Goals

At night, before you got to sleep or even in the morning you should have a clear idea of all the things you want to accomplish every day. Many people find that waking up earlier allows them extra time to plan their day out. You may use a piece of paper or your phone and set your goals by writing down them on the paper or saving them in your phone via sticky notes.

Avoid Multitasking

Doing two or more tasks at the same time only increases the time take to complete each task. Instead, focus on one task, complete it and then move on to the next task, you will notice that each task will take less time when done with complete focus as compared to the same task being spread out throughout your day. Not to mention that you will also avoid getting bored with a task that stretches out for too long.

Bundle Together

In order to get more done in lesser time, bundle together tasks that are similar, for example, if you plan to cook in the day, try doing the dishes while you wait for the dish to be ready, organize a cabinet after that. Going from one place to another also consumes a lot of time, try and see what tasks throughout the week require visiting geographical locations in close proximity to one another and try and get all those done in the same day, to avoid traveling back and forth.

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When making your to-do list for the day try and prioritize which tasks are more important than others, identify 4-5 tasks which are important for the day and try to get them out of the way first. Do these important tasks in the earlier part of the day so that you already have a sense of achievement when you are done with those tasks, giving you the motivation to complete the remaining menial tasks.

Commit Till Completion

Do not leave work half-done, try and complete all your work in the given time to help yourself out. If you leave the work half-done, chances are you will find it difficult to come back to it later, because every day has its own opportunities and challenges that will need to be dealt with leaving the incomplete task hanging in the air, causing you to be anxious as well.

Say “NO”

The more tasks you may take on, the less time you will have to finish each during the day, leaving you with a larger pile of work to be done for the next day. Do not take more work than you can handle, learn to say “no”, to avoid feeling bad and demotivated because you couldn’t complete a task that you agreed to do. You are human and have your own limits.

Don’t Obsess

Remember, details are not a requisite in every task, and perfectionism may stop you from moving on to the next task at hand. Obsessing over tiny details only delays completion and hinders productivity, try doing tasks quickly.

These are some time management tips for college students to help them manage time better in college and achieve more in less time. And for online writing help, feel free to visit