A Simple Guide to planning, preparing and going to College

A Simple Guide to Planning, Preparing, and Going to College


Being the first step into your pro-level education, college is a step which determines your future. Sometimes waiting for college can become a nerve-racking experience.

Parents and students from high schools have many questions in mind while preparing and going to college for education. Which college is good for your subject studies? Am I ready for college life? Am I prepared for the entrance exam? How should I start planning for a college education? What should you consider when planning for college? How do I prepare for college early? Would you be able to find any cheap essay writing service that may help you along the way?

So in this article, we are going to explore a few things about getting started in college. Or we can say that it is a small college planning guide for parents and students. If you ask your classmates and friends or any other senior student, you might get some insight on a college planning guide, but are they authentic or the one who is guiding you have any good experience planning for a college education? These are the questions which bother a new student who is planning to start a college education. Here we will list down a college planning checklist, which will indeed help you prepare for college in a perfect way. For a tip let us just add that going to college will open some new dimensions in your educational career, but remember a good essay writing service can be of great help you are not able to manage time so do search for some cheap essay writing service. Of course, you have to look for affordability and convenience at the same time.  Without further ado, let’s dig-out some tips to help you better prepare for college.

Contact your counselor

Your high school counselor is the person you should meet in the very first place. Your counselor will guide you and support you for your upcoming four years. Your counselor will ask you some question about your career plan and goals. Discuss every aspect of your education and passions with your counselor and device a realistic plan of choices. Choose what you think you are confident in doing. Be advised that your career plan may change during your studies, so don’t narrow your path. Prepare a fluid plan to go on in the beginning so that you may have a choice when you think about changing your career path. Always leave a fall backstage just in case things are messed up.

Check out your college degree requirements

List down a number of colleges and go check the requirements of your degree. Be focused and try to concentrate every detail. Write down what they are asking and where will you stand in 4 years’ time. Many colleges focus on teaching standard subjects in early years, and then they divert their focus on a higher level with more specific subjects. Is your college of choice offering specialization in your subjects of interest? Are they offering your core subjects, which you are planning to carry forward in your higher studies? A good college planning guide must include all the answers. Don’t let anything to chance; it’s your future on stake. Just in case your subject combination is not what you like to study, you can always find some cheap essay writing service to get help regarding those subjects.

Work with your counselor and prepare a school schedule for the next four years

As you have decided which degree you want to peruse, prepare a 4-year plan on which subjects you will study. This is how you will prepare for the college from day 1. Always keep in mind that before going to college, you should have a few more options if you need to change your study course. This schedule is not permanent and you should keep in mind that you will adjust it over time. Your counselor will help you decide which subjects are good for your college years. Always stick to your plan and keep in mind what you have planned for. Keep in mind the changing dynamics of the job industry as well.

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Always participate in extracurricular activities

Take part in all the extracurricular activities happening in your school. They hold a special value in college. Keep on looking for activities that are good for your future studies. You can also apply for pre-college summer programs. There are many places, which offer very unique and good summer enrichment programs. These programs are very helpful for prospective college students. Many universities also offer residential enrichment programs. These programs help you dive in a multitude of various subjects. You can also look for a focused program according to your plan. For example, if you are going to study business, you can join a residential business program to gain more insight into your business subjects. Include this in your college planning checklist so they nothing is left on chance.


This step is an optional one, you can choose to avail it or leave it. We would highly recommend if you take any such opportunity. It can help boost your insight on your subject. Internships are more like a glimpse of your potential career path. They can help shape your professional future as well. You can find many institutes, which can place you in your field of choice. They also provide mentors who can help you a lot. You will get a better understanding of the subjects you have chosen and the career you will be working after your studies. It gives a better understanding of the job industry you are going to choose in the future.

Master your note-taking skills

In high school, you might have 30 to 40 students in a class but in college, the students are twice the number. With such a huge class and a high number of students, listening to the teacher and taking note might get a little bit difficult. You can practice the same in high school. If you keep on practicing it for 4 years in school you will have a good grip over it. Practicing your notes taking skill can also improve your listening and comprehension at the same time. In college, professors are time-bound and they have very less time repeating any lecture. If you have mastered this skill; preparing your assignments will not be a big issue for you. You can also use your smartphone to record your lectures, but in college, you might find it hard to use your smartphone in the class. If by any chance you can record the lecture, it will take a lot of time and effort to transcribe it. Remember don’t get involved in any activity where you may end up wasting your time.

Improve your writing and research skills

In college, you’re writing skills matters a lot. If you have mastered this skill in high school you will conquer the college years very successfully. Learn to improve your writing skills by taking every assignment seriously in high school. As your teachers for guidance, they will help you more than anyone in improving your research and writing skills. Scoring high in college is what matters more than anything and the only way possible to achieve this is by writing every assignment and research paper to perfection. With top-notch writing and research skills, you will be one step ahead of your classmates in college. In college almost every student talks about essay writing service; in case you need help regarding your papers or assignment do thorough research so that you may find a cheap essay writing service to work with.

Time Management

Time is a valuable commodity and in college, you will find it hard to save. In order to prepare for your college early, you have to learn time management in high school. Keep track of your time spent in each activity. Make sure you go with a plan for everything. If you find it hard to keep track of your time and activities, try using your cellphone as a tool. Cellphone nowadays offers millions of apps that can help you manage your time effectively. Determine a timeline for your coursework; make a plan to get it completed before 1 month prior to your exams. This will help you improve your management skills and your grades as well. Always remember things learned today will help you groom tomorrow. It’s a must-have skill in your college planning checklist.

Develop your speaking skills

Speak regularly in your class and if you are not that kind learn to speak by participating in different activities in your class. if you have problem with your speech try some speech therapist to get it improved. In college, group presentation is a common thing and you will have to face the audience one a week for sure. So before getting into college make sure you have these skills mastered in high school.  With good presentation skills, you can score good grades in your internals in college and this will ultimately add up to your final scores.

Start searching

While you are in high school try to spare some time to find good colleges. Prepare a list of colleges along with their requirements for the subject you want to study. Make sure your selected college is near your residence, or else you have to plan for temporary residence dung your college years. List down all the possibilities, whether you are going to rent an apartment, live with your friend or you will avail the college hostel facility. Plan out the financial aspect as well so that you may not end up with any financial difficulty during your college years. Think about how much will it cost to graduate from college. You can find the fee structure very easily on the website of the college you want to attend.

This is a simple guide to planning, preparing and going to college, make sure you list down all the points and add it to your college planning checklist.