20 Free Online Libraries for Students

There is a great diversity of online libraries, and although they are different because of the type of content they host, they all contain resources and tools to make the most of them. Technological advancement has also benefited books and book lovers, as there are various virtual libraries that not only allow you to read so online where writing, but you can download countless books, from novels, science fiction, poetry, and reading Academic, among others. And best of all, many of them are free.


20 Free Online Libraries for Students

What are the Best Free Online Libraries for the Students?

The virtual libraries are an excellent tool to get an education online. They are similar to traditional libraries, but in digitized text formats, some with keys or without keys, others with the option to print. The advantage that virtual libraries have is that there are no schedules for consultations, in addition, anyone has access to books. There are even braille texts on the web, to give access to blind people. Certainly, some of the best essay writing service also use these libraries for resources.



So, what is an online research library? We all know that there is a great diversity of libraries, and although they are all different because of the type of content they host, they all contain resources and tools that allow interaction with the texts. If you are a lover of knowledge, reading, and books, we tell you which are the most outstanding digital libraries so you can read and download everything you want. You can also find an online library database free of cost on the internet.

Virtual Libraries, what are they and how do they work?

Virtual libraries are platforms that provide content, as well as bibliographic and documentary services. These platforms respond to the high demand for information from students, professionals, or people in general. A peculiarity is that in some virtual libraries different types of content are presented according to a specific area of information. Many of them present dynamic resources and tools that are easily accessible to the user.

Virtual libraries allow the transmission of knowledge, access to information, and facilitate research. The material you find on these platforms is completely digital, some texts are in different formats, with or without access code. In other cases, you have the opportunity to download or even print them.

These are the most relevant advantages of virtual libraries:


  • There are no consultation hours, it can be visited at the time it is needed.
  • In most cases, all people can access them. There are even braille texts on the web, providing information to the blind.
  • Digital books do not spoil or wear out. In addition, you can check the new editions faster.


There is no need to make a withdrawal and return of books. The material is permanent to be consulted; the user must only register if requested.


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What characteristics do virtual libraries have?

The value of virtual libraries depends on the quality of the contents as well as the management system that facilitates access to stored data. In this process, participation and collaboration between librarians, thematic specialists, and computer managers in the design is essential.

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) highlights the characteristics common to virtual libraries:


  • The library is not an individual entity.
  • Links between libraries and information services are transparent.
  • Access to virtual libraries is universal.
  • These platforms extend their actions to elements other than the printed format.


An important feature is that the virtual library is formed by a set of links to different sources of information, it is related to access to networks that guide various collections and resources that complement library and documentary services, constantly supporting the human element through remote services.

Best Free Online Libraries


One of the best free online libraries on the internet. The initiative of the Library of Congress of the United States and UNESCO, created in 2009 with the aim of promoting international understanding and knowledge.


This library in Europe contains more than two million links to different content. In addition to texts, the site has paintings, maps, music, and some movies and television programs.


Dedicated especially to lovers of books and knowledge. In this platform, users can access thousands of literary, dissemination and academic books.


Highly recommended library for students and teachers of all careers. This platform brings together books from the national libraries of different Latin American countries.


It is the largest virtual library in the world. In it, users can find thousands of literary, scientific and technical texts, among others.


This project brings together thousands of texts of all types and genres, under the sole condition that they are in the public domain. You can find books, academic texts, and documents of all kinds.

7.     THE BIBLE

This is another free of cost online library. This platform has different texts collected from the web, separated into areas so that the user can access the materials in a more simple and orderly way. This library is especially aimed at teachers and students.

8.     Public Domain Books

This is another free online public library in this link you will find an incredible list of up to 1000 publications of public domain books in PDF: literature, philosophy, science, history, sociology, and much more.

9.     Free Books on Amazon

From time to time, the Amazon.es e-commerce platform makes available to the public a large number of digital books to download for free.

10.     PDF Novels in English

And here we have a compilation of works of classical literature in English to download in PDF format. Ideal for students of the basic-intermediate level.

11.     Many Books

Many Books is a platform where you can access more than 50,000 free eBooks. A very simple and clean page that provides the user with a pleasant book search experience to download for free.

12.     Mega ePub

Mega ePub is another web portal to find free books. Here you will find a complete list of ePub books that you can read at any time. They also have books in Kindle format.

13.     Online Computer Books

Through Online Computer Books you can access an extensive directory of free books that deal with topics related to computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile application development, networks, databases, information technology, artificial intelligence, graphics, and computer order ativan hardware, etc.


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14.     Planet Book

Planet Book is a web portal where you can access more than 9,000 public domain books to read on your phone, tablet or ebook reader legally. Through its main page, they show you which are the most searched books or most recommended books of the moment.

15.     Wikisource

Wikisource is a Wikipedia project that aims to create a library of royalty-free original texts. You can find the books in .pdf format. The Wikisource website has a design that looks like you’re browsing Wikipedia itself.

16.     Book Depository

Book depository is a web portal that has more than 37,000 free books to download in addition to audiobooks and other documents. The themes you can find on this website are very varied. They have the main menu where you can access the latest books added, the most downloaded books, or read comments and view votes. You can find books in Pdf, Word, Html, Txt, Rtf, Chm, Epub, and Exe format.

17.     Scribd

These free online libraries are very common and thousands of students use them on a daily basis. Scribd sites are also one of them where you can download free books in PDF, ePub or Ebooks format. Commonly known as a platform to share documents. You can download and upload your documents so that others can also take advantage of your documents.

18.     Free eBooks

Free eBooks is a web portal where you can find thousands of free books to download from various categories in English. In addition, you can also find academic books and educational texts.

19.     Free Editorial

Free Editorial is an online publisher and library, which brings together readers and writers from around the world. Through its website, you can access to download books for free, without any registration and it offers you the option to download them in various digital formats.

20.     Free ePub

ePub Libre is a platform where you can access more than 37,000 free books to download in ePub format. News is added every week. In addition, this web portal also has sections where you can read the comments on the different books and even share opinions on their forum.

The use of virtual and free online libraries in education

It’s quite hard to find the best free online library but almost all of them can help you with something. Virtual libraries are an auxiliary element of teaching. They are therefore a valuable resource in online education. They exercise their activities in an easy and friendly environment. They have specific content that brings users closer to their goals. Design, create and organize content and services that adapt to the user. There are many virtual libraries that can be of great benefit to your students in support of the virtual course you teach. Some of them present a diversity of content, even in almost every topic. There is also the World Digital Library, one of the largest virtual libraries, which contains a wide collection of works of literature, history, and science among others; the Reference, which provides scientific publications from Latin America and the Gutenberg Project where there is a wide variety of themes in ebook format. A dynamic that you can include in your courses is to give your students access to the virtual libraries that you consider will be of benefit to their learning and that have been previously selected by you. You can also select some texts and assign them for complimentary reading. Or, look for educational resources within virtual libraries that allow the student to reinforce the learning of some subjects. The virtual library is in education, instant access to a broad intellectual resource, and not limited to traditional texts. It is a valuable resource that will contribute a lot to your courses!