Top Twenty Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

Top Twenty Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers


Show your appreciation to your teacher with these 20 gifts that they will surely love. Regardless of your budget, we have rounded gifts of consideration that are not only cute but also very practical.

Are you looking for a practical gift that fits into your budget for your teacher? Keep that polished apple and let us help you with better ideas as far as gifts for teachers are concerned. Before you start on what teachers want, try to avoid the list of things that most of them don’t want, including candles, baked goods, coffee cups, and little trinkets. In this article, we will list down some of the best teacher gifts for Christmas.

Teacher gifts ideas for Christmas

According to best essay writing service giving or not giving details to the teacher is the focus of the debate in many parent groups. There are families who consider it a custom of another era and that the daily work of a teacher is already properly paid with their corresponding salary. It seems to others that the work that teachers do must be recognized in some special way.

When children are young, the teacher is a reference for our children. Beyond being the person who transmits certain knowledge and learning to them, it is also an example to follow and a shoulder in which to cry in those moments when our children feel far from us.

My children are now finishing the children’s stage, so I still find it difficult to define this role for older children. However, we understand that a good teacher, regardless of the student’s age, can also become a good guide, reference, and confessor for a child.

For all this, and because we firmly believe that the work of the teacher goes beyond teaching and transmitting knowledge, we have found it interesting to elaborate on this selection of 10 gift ideas for teachers.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Bouquet gift with a discount card

It is difficult to make a mistake with this gift for your teacher, this would be perfect if you are making a gift from among the whole class or from several parents. Collect gift cards from stores and restaurants that you know what you might like and stick them on a paper flower attached to a stick. Insert the foam sticks and then place them in a colored bucket. Paint the words: “Thank you for helping us grow,” for a great final touch.

If the restaurant card bouquet is too expensive, you can opt for discount cards in stores either for clothes or groceries. For middle school children who have multiple teachers, a discounted cafeteria card with a note of thanks attached will also be appreciated.

Personalized notebook

Teachers are always sending notes home to parents often saying the behavior’s, whether bad or good, of the student or to report an important event. She will definitely appreciate having this personalized notepad to deliver her notes in style.

Gift with movie cards

Both male and female teachers will appreciate a game of tickets or discounts for the cinema. You can put these with a thank you note, or you can be a little more creative and put them inside a personalized box with some candy and a label that says: “Thank you for making me feel like a star.”

Album with photos

A beautiful reminder is this photo album in which you can put special excursions, shows and other special moments by creating a photo book. You can print the photos and put them in a photo album, or upload your photos online. Shutterfly allows you to upload photos and add text, as well as incorporate fresh backgrounds and designs.

Qualification stamps

Best gifts for teacher for Christmas is to your teacher with classification stamps. You can pick up generic stamps that say things like: “Good job!” or “A +” or “Needs improvement”, or you can personalize it with your name, like these that show the photo.

Ecological teacher gift

Is your teacher also fond of gardening? If so, this idea is ideal, using a tomato plant from your own garden. Print labels that say, “Thank you for helping me grow!” Simply place some seedlings in the pots and wrap them with a cloth.

Custom automatic pencil sharpener

An automatic pencil sharpener could get its place in the classroom, so why not give your teacher one like this and better yet a personalized one? It will give a fun touch to your desk and apart it will be very useful.


This is a detail with a lot of styles and apart from super practical, you can print a block of notes with its name with a refined style of letters. It is a perfect way in which the teacher delivers the communications.

Basket with school products

Each teacher will appreciate these school supplies, as they often have to buy these items for their own salary. Some items that are frequently requested include glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, notebooks, antiseptic wipes, tissues, clips, erasers, and pencils. Fill the basket with these items in a colored bucket or basket (which can also be used in the classroom) so that you are ready to face the school year.

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Custom tote bag

From stacks of papers to rate planners and more, teachers have a lot of things in their bags. Help your teacher by giving them a large bag with handles for comfort. There is a lot of variety with a very wide price diversification, so choose the one that best suits your budget but always taking into account that it is to your teacher’s liking.

Donation to charity

If the teacher is close to a benevolent cause, you may consider making a donation to charity in his honor. Your science teacher can appreciate your child by adopting a sea creature in your name, or maybe the art teacher has a favorite charity that supports the arts at school. Find out what is important to your teacher. Give him the donation receipt, letting him know that a donation has been made in his name, along with a thank you note.

Classes thank you notes

One of the best teacher Christmas gift ideas is for sure to make your teacher jump tears. Give it at lunchtime or choose a day when there is a substitute teacher and hand out the cards with the notes to the whole class. Ask them to write a thank-you note that includes their favorite memory of the year or what they like about the teacher. Place the cards in a photo album, along with a class photo, for a gift that you will surely treasure.

Autograph photo

Frame the class image in a frame and have the whole class sign the photo for a thoughtful and memorable memory. You can buy a frame in a home goods store, there are many models and prices so you can choose one that suits your budget and tastes.

Custom water bottle

It is possible that your teacher already has a million cups of coffee, so you should think of a gift that she or he can use throughout the day, such as a bottle of water. You will love this and it will be very useful.

Custom clipboard

Teachers use clipboards a lot. Add some decorations to a boring clipboard, which among the ornaments you can add your name or a message. A good phrase to put could be “Masters what change the World”.

Flowers in custom pots

These personalized pots with beautiful plants or flowers (if you can investigate which ones you like, better yet), in the messages you can put something like “Where do children bloom” or “A place to grow”.

Custom keychain

Your teacher will surely be very grateful for this gift that is not only practical but also a nice reminder of your child’s class. In this personalized keychain you can include a lovely message or the name of the teacher and as an addition an ornament with the number of the course to be in.

Books for the classroom

Is your teacher trying to build your classroom reading room? Ask the teacher for an idea of what kind of books are necessary and have each person in the class buy a book. Place everyone in a gift basket which can be used in the coming years.

Custom bookmark

Help your teacher keep track of your lesson plan with this personalized red tassel which is very cute and practical. This would be a great idea for your child’s tutor or classroom assistant.

Box of chocolates with an emotional message

This is a perfect gift for any teacher of your children. This box of chocolates with a message of thanks is a perfect way to tell that teacher “thank you for training me as a person.” There is a huge amount of varieties of chocolates you can even buy of various types and brands and then gather them in a very nice wrapper.

Honorable mentions

You can also give a good quality pen to your teacher as a Christmas gift. Here are some of the finest pen collections which you can gift to your teacher.

Faber-Castell Roller Essentio

We start the list with one of the most economical of the Faber-Castell house, this model may seem one of the most basic, but it is also one of the most versatile, comfortable in hand, the writing is surprisingly fluid, believe me, this pen surprises.

Parker Jotter – Gothic Special Edition

There are occasions when in addition to having a detail, we want to surprise because this pen is a great option for this, in addition to complying with the above list, its design does not leave anyone indifferent.

For this special edition, they have included a gift box, which only adds points, is one of those gifts that are “worth” more than they cost.

Cross Century Classic

We continue climbing our list and this wonder appears, a timeless Cross, personally I love the line that this manufacturer follows, in the Century Classic we are facing a timeless, simple, not simple object, with a chrome broken by lines engraved on the body. In short, a delight.

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Lamy ST Tri Pen

The first time I had this pen in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised, because it is a pen of normal thickness, which inside hides three writing systems, blue pen, red pen, and pencil holder.

It is not like those 20-color pens that we used when we were children, this is simply elegant, functional, the touch is wonderful and if what you want is to surprise a teacher, this is a safe bet.

Waterman Hemisphere

Whenever I see a pen of this brand, my mind moves if I want to Victorian London, surrounded by gentlemen and ladies dressed in their best clothes in some kind of official reception, that is what I love about these pens, their intrinsic elegance, his “know how to be.”

It is true that they are somewhat more expensive, but they have that mystical point of traditional writing that makes me fall in love. An important detail, this model can be chosen in several colors, silver, blue or black, and as in previous cases, it includes a beautiful gift box.


We have always thought that before such an offer of gifts for teachers it is difficult not to have a detail with the person who has accompanied you during a whole year. Obviously, as some argue, the job of a teacher is to teach, provide children with the tools to do so and facilitate learning. And for all this, as some believe, he already receives a salary. However, let’s not forget that beyond that, the figure of the teacher, especially when the children are still young, is the tutor and companion. Also, the guarantor and the referent beyond anything else. We should be in favor of thanking the dedication and professionalism of the teachers. However, we recognize that, sometimes, the really complicated thing is to agree among all on what to give. What is your experience with gifts for teachers? Would you do them? On an individual or group basis?