The best and worst time to submit your thesis

The best and worst time to submit your thesis


There are many thesis writing service online in USA and while those do offer a tempting way out, sometimes people like to do things on their own. So, if you are one of those people who would like to write their thesis on their own, you should know how best to manage time. Many college and university students struggle with time management. Several assignments due at the same time, lead to anxiety and stress which hamper productivity. Many students have multiple jobs in an effort to survive and are unable to find time to complete these assignments. Other students take longer due to lack of understanding of the language and many students don’t feel that they can do very well in written assignments due to weak grammar or expression. For this reason, students suffer because of lack of time management.

As the years in college go by, most of you must have learned how best to manage time, even if every now and then there is some slip in the schedules and some sleeping-in, by the time senior year comes around most people have a pretty good grip of life in college, or at least they have managed to control some aspect of it. Some people have better control over their mental health now, while others are managing assignments and studies better than ever. However, when it comes to writing your thesis or dissertation, all the control that has been built goes to waste.

The moment you decide to do your thesis, you should know that the stress and the anxiety that result from it are so very real. The thesis is a test, it is a paper which is supposed to capture the essence of all that you have learned at university, applying the knowledge you gained to a very specific topic, critically analyzing all the academic research is done and the one you conducted. In short, it’s a make or break for your educational career.

Just the mere weight of the thesis is enough to intimidate some individuals, the people who already struggle with anxiety, and even those who don’t find themselves fretting over every single detail, trying to make sense if one thing goes wrong. A thesis really teaches one a lot about how they handle stress, most people are pretty bad at handling stress on their own, add a time limit to getting the work done and it all becomes so much more stressful. You have a deadline to meet, and at the last possible stage, the experiment you were working in has crashed. Most people would throw a rage fit, some might even have a breakdown, but without having any emotional reaction to these things you would not grow and learn. While time management is a skill that most people are poor at, when doing a thesis, this skill becomes all the more important, to keep yourself sane throughout the process.

What time is best or worst to submit thesis?

So when talking about managing time with a thesis, is there really a best and worst time to submit your thesis? We think there is and we will tell you all about it. When you begin writing your thesis, try and get a good idea of just how much time you have, most people use 2 semesters which is nearly 10 months to get their thesis done. For those students whose departments aren’t able to give dates, ask them for a tentative date.

“The best time to submit your thesis is to be done with one write up at least two weeks before submission, giving your supervisor enough time to revise the entire thing.”

You may even write each section separately and send it to your supervisor as you get done with it, so that s/he has plenty of time to go over it once and give you feedback in an incremental manner. If you submit a Ph.D. thesis without supervisor then you must make sure to get a friend or some writing service that can proofread your work for you, if you cannot get either of those. Use Grammarly or Quetext to get the best possible help with your grammar and expression.

Coordinating Schedules

Another thing that you should do when starting your thesis is to plan a weekly meeting with your supervisor and maintain contact with on all days, ask their PA or the supervisor themselves of any upcoming reservations your professor might have and if they clash with your weekly meeting, arrange something around it. Staying in contact and having an idea of your supervisor’s schedule will also help you decide what a good time for submitting your thesis. Many times the supervisor becomes very busy right before the submission date, and this leaves the student hanging waiting for approval on the final stages of their thesis, when they have had just about enough of it, making it one of the worst times to submit your thesis.

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Upcoming Commitments

Make sure that you have no commitments near your deadline for thesis submission as that will severely hamper your ability to work. International students specifically should ensure that no visa appointment or scholarship meeting is occurring in the 3 weeks before your intention to submit a thesis. Avoid any family functions and events, they also consume a lot of time and will take your focus off your work. Some people have weddings to attend and vacations to go to, or trips which were planned way in advance. Try and avoid those distractions. Keep them for later as a reward for your hard work. These events serve as distractions and make it difficult to submit your work on time. Even Finals can ruin your thesis if they fall near the thesis submission deadline. It takes away precious time that could have been used to fine tune the smaller details of your thesis. That is why a few days before or after finals is one of the worst times to submit your thesis.


So in short, the best time to submit your thesis is when your supervisor is around to help you out before the submission. The worst times to submit your thesis is when you are facing other restrictions or problems such as visa problems etc. The best policy with a thesis is to get done with work as soon as possible so that you may enjoy the last few days in college, relaxing. Try and get the submission to be after finals so that your finals are not affected by the thesis either. You will learn a lot about yourself at this time. Do not get afraid of anything that comes your way, you’ll get through it. And if you are looking for thesis writing help then don’t hesitate to visit



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