Step-by-Step Guide to Write a Short Essay

What is a Short Essay?

Writing short essays is a very common academic or academic task. They are part of the student curriculum in many different courses – literature, cultural studies, film studies, etc. So, writing a short essay is a very popular task. It is a typical type of essay that aims to provide brilliant descriptions of some object, phenomenon, or event in detail. You can accomplish this by comparing things or by presenting certain associations with the object you are describing. Even though a 500 number sounds like a large number, it fits on approximately one single-spaced size 12 font print page.


Step-by-Step Guide to Write a Short Essay


It’s not too difficult to write a short essay on a single page, especially when you know how to do it the right way. Basically, you need to think of 5 paragraphs of about 100 words each. It’s about 6 or 7 sentences, depending on their length.

How long is a short essay?

However, often writing a short essay can be quite challenging not only because it is sometimes difficult to find time for it, but also because it is difficult to briefly share your thoughts in a limited amount of words. On the other hand, a short essay is not as bad as, for example, an example of a 250-word essay, where you really need to know how to enter everything you want to say in just 250 words. So how long is a short essay be? There are many accounts of any exact figure but it can vary from 500 to 800 words.

Almost any short essay topics you may find online or in guidelines suggest that this task is an art that can be mastered through much practice. Basically, all you have to do is describe the topic of your task in 500 words and this is exactly what a short essay length is all about. The good thing about this type of essay is that just like writing an opinion in sociology or some other subject, you don’t have to do a lot of in-depth research on the subject, which means that the subject you’re going to write about is not much deep by itself. For example, you cannot describe euthanasia or technological advances in 500 words. Therefore, the topic of these essays is often quick and easy, and you don’t have to plan a detailed structure for this task.

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How to write a short essay?

So how do you write a good short essay? There are no steps to write an essay since it is a literary genre and requires artistic expertise, documentation, and talent. Even so, as the essay has been closely linked to the educational apparatus of many countries, its writing could be simplified to the elaboration of a school essay, as follows:

  • Choice of the subject: An essay should address a topic or an edge of a topic in a way that generates interest and, if possible, passion. In addition, it should not be such a broad topic, but as narrow as possible.
  • Documentation: Once we have chosen the subject, we must document ourselves, that is, read about it from different sources, to get a more complete idea about the subject.
  • Preparation: Before writing, it is convenient to make an outline of ideas that will serve as a script or essay skeleton, telling us in what order to approach each idea or argument.
  • Writing: We proceed to write according to the script, which means exposing the ideas as clearly as possible and in the most logical order possible, then rereading the entire text and correcting the writing, making sure that it says what it is intended to say.


Short essay format

Designing a small essay does not require much time. Complete planning is usually necessary when you are writing a short essay preparing a course. When you are planning the structure of a short essay, all you have to do is focus on a single point you want to address. It makes no sense to describe all ideas or opinions because you have no time or space for it. A good and comprehensive short essay focuses on an idea.


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Usually, any short essay writing topics consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction. Must include the thesis statement for the topic. If you can choose the topic for your project yourself then you need to spend some time choosing the right one that will be easier for you to describe. If the topic was given to you, think of several ways to make it interesting. If your topic is broad, think about the subtopics and specify the thesis statement.
  • Main Part. In this part of your essay, you need to evoke the reader’s emotions and feelings for an original approach. Also, you need to share your thoughts on the subject, event, or phenomenon with a reader. Try to provide important images so that a reader can feel that they are participating in what you are experiencing.
  • Conclusion. Try to complete approximately 50 words. It should summarize and restate the most noteworthy ideas you described in the main part of your MLA essay format. Do not present any new or new points in the conclusion. Make sure the abstract is written differently from the introduction. The conclusion should be memorable as this is the last part that can affect your reader.

Important parts of the short essay

The structure of an essay is extremely free since it is a text that values ​​the course on the subject and whose main value is to argue and reflect freely, at the whim of the writer. However, in its systematic study, three forms of structure can be identified in broad strokes, which are:

  • Analyzer or deductive: First, he exposes the thesis or the topic he will address, and then develops the arguments related to the subject.
  • Synthesizing or inductive: Explore the arguments and data in the first instance, and then from them recompose the topic as a final conclusion.
  • Framed: The more school structure, begins with the presentation of the thesis or the subject, then discusses the arguments and positions, and finally re-elaborates the thesis taking into account what is found in the middle.

Things to remember while writing a short essay

When you are writing a short essay, try to put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Even though this type of essay is short and you don’t have to do much research, it is still useful to look for some facts to make your project interesting. The authenticity of the information you provide will make your essay stronger. If you cite or have references to some sources, please indicate this and refer to them. This will add more credibility and make your essay more interesting. When writing an essay definition or some other task, use the sources you are familiar with and you can rely on to make sure that the facts you are providing are genuine.

When you finish writing your short essay do the full review and see if it meets all the requirements of the task. Count the words and make sure your project consists of about 500 words. Normally, it is acceptable to pass a few words, but if the essay has to be short like this, try not to go beyond the specified value. Also, follow the special formatting rules that can be stated in the task. Perhaps the font has to be made in a certain size and style. Verify that the footer, header, and side margins conform to specifications. And remember to use those 500 words to their full advantage.

Short essay examples

Easter is the spiritual feast of liberation, symbolized by objects embodied in our lives such as the Easter egg, which is linked to an Egyptian ritual and, for commercial convenience, gained its place in the Easter Sunday festivities as well as other traditions that emerged from the popular yearning (the Judas workout on Hallelujah Saturday).

But the true Passover is narrated in Exodus and then the New Passover is described in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the victory of the Son of Man. The first Passover of history was celebrated by the Hebrews in the 13th century BC so that everyone would remember that Moses, with the Lord’s help, saved his people from Pharaoh’s hands. Thus, the lamb was the covenant sign, and the angel could know who was with Yahweh or Jehovah.

And with the supper came unleavened bread and the bitter herbs eaten by the Hebrews with the lamb with the girdles girded about the kidneys, ready to depart from Egypt at dawn. Then we have the announcement of the Lamb of God by John the Baptist and the revelation of the Son of Man until His crucifixion and Resurrection. Only from this period do catacomb Christians begin to use the egg as a symbol of new life, and after the Lent and Holy Week fast was the food for the preparation of the feast, from March 22 to April 25, varying from year to year.


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The origins of Easter traditions vary from civilization to civilization and everything that can be incorporated as the Egyptian eggs gained the affection of the Teutons and in China, at the Spring Festival they distributed colored eggs. The missionaries brought the Westernized custom and the church agreed and officialized in the eighteenth century.

Worldwide, the Easter religious ceremony varies according to traditions and customs, but its meanings of Deliverance and New Life are still translated into the Easter festivities and their forms of commemoration even with the Judas workout on Hallelujah Sabbath and Mass. Easter Sunday is all part of Western Christian civilization and the story of Christ’s life, death, passion, and resurrection told in the Old and New Testaments.

Description Example

This is the coach of the national team: A man with white hair from the life of football and too attacked by baldness and possessing a challenging but daring temperament in his decision to take America to the title of the World Champion so longed for a People of football authenticity and green and yellow-hearted coaches who cry out and live the victory and defeat of each stage in a euphoric scream of goal!

Narration Example

Will start another match of another football classic. And it looks like the day is clear for a game never seen before in this league. It is Brazil seeking our 5th championship against Jamaica. The kick will be given and the game will start … Go, Brazil!

Dissertation Example

What interests us is the dissertation that does not escape the wording structure of the introduction, the development and finally the conclusion of the two parts of the structure. So, we always have to have a structured plan that determines the theme by projecting its limitations, start a phrasal topic defining the general idea that should be developed, express the opinion and argument of the general idea and develop the writing until the end of the proposed general idea. and the ideas developed. Analyze this dissertation and see if it actually followed the steps that structure a good essay and be sure to check the spelling.

Tips to remember

  • There are some tips for successful essays. If you now have a blank sheet in front of you and write an essay about the mother, try using some of them:
  • Having learned a subject, do not immediately rush to write down everything that comes to mind. If you are sure you want to remember a thought, write it down, but it is best to write a complete essay after a while.
  • As you leave school, you may wonder what incident with your mother you would like to tell all your friends and classmates.
  • Talk to your mother about whether you chose a good case. Is this story some kind of family secret? After all, writing an essay about my mother without asking for advice will not be good for her.
  • If the composition sketch does not come to mind, write all thoughts on the sheet.
  • Re-read, understand the structure and try to make a plan based on what you wrote.
  • Check that all parts of the test are one of the other. A smooth transition is key to good ranking.
  • Before rewriting the essay on the mother in purebred, read carefully, try to look for errors. Only then take a clean sheet.


A short essay, sometimes referred to simply as an essay, is a short and prose dissertation, which analyses or reflects on a subject of free choice and approach by the author. He is considered one of the literary genres, along with the narrative, poetry, and dramaturgy, heir to the didactics and therefore related to teaching.

The essays can be diverse and varied, since it is a subjective and personal approach, although rigorous, of the matter to be treated. This means that it has opinions and arguments of the author, but based on logic, information, and sensitivities. Its purpose is none other than to argue about the chosen theme.

As for its dimensions, the essay is usually relatively short, didactically organized to gradually approach the subject, using the stylistic and literary resources of the language to give poetic and argumentative force to your ideas.

Therefore, a short essay should not be confused with a monograph or technical document (such as a thesis). The issues addressed by the essay are virtually endless: from politics, society, and knowledge, to sports, the arts or the imagination itself. You can also get help in your essay writing and custom writing by visiting our website. Plus avail 50% OFF on your first order as well.